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    22 People Who Are Gonna Have Trust Issues

    Everything is a lie.

    1. This victim of chip marketing.

    2. This kid who's never gonna eat a Kinder Egg again.

    3. This ex-mermaid.

    4. The unfortunate soul who went for a corn muffin and got broccoli.

    5. This cat who will be forever suspicious of walls from now on.

    6. This pen owner who won't be drawing carrots anytime soon.

    7. This lady who can't even trust the ground she's walking on.

    8. Anyone who has ever been burned by the cracker line.

    9. This girl who performed her first and last trust fall.

    10. Anyone who's tried to open a box of mac and cheese the "right" way.

    11. This girl who spent the rest of her life standing to avoid a repeat of this.

    12. Whoever discovered the truth to Bed Bath & Beyond's towel displays.

    13. Anyone who was ever let down by the tab of lies.

    14. Whoever bravely dissected this Cup Noodles and discovered the salty, broth-y deception.

    15. The unlucky soul who assumed the picture of the guy climbing meant the rope was safe for—oh, I don't know—CLIMBING?

    16. Whoever had this blatant lie thrust in their face (and rumbling tummy).

    17. Anyone who naively believed in Subway's "footlongs."

    18. This tragic ruse.

    19. Anyone who has ever been burned by a cinnamon jellybean.

    20. Every chocolate-chip-cookie lover across the world.

    21. Whoever fell for this empty promise.

    22. And anyone who ordered something at a fast food restaurant after seeing a commercial first.