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    22 People Who Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

    You're doing waaaaaaaaay better than these people.

    1. This person who's been looking for the right lid since the Kennedy administration:

    2. This person who's never heard of a hyphen:

    3. This woman who somehow kicked her own ass trying to clean the floor:

    4. These kids who spend waaay too much time inside:

    5. This person who's trying to tickle the jewelry out of this box:

    6. This woman who previously thought hammers were made out of cotton:

    7. This woman who can't even get her baked salmon to stay for dinner:

    8. This person who made an accidental pot of spoon soup:

    9. This man who can't even see ink without getting turned on:

    10. This mom who has the worst aim in the history of the world:

    11. This woman who was raised in a land without tables:

    12. This person who can't clean her oven without summoning demons:

    13. This person who never learned the concept of puzzles:

    14. This man who's been plugging in his phone for 12 years:

    15. This woman who can't be trusted around sinks:

    16. This person with extreme lactose intolerance:

    17. This absolute mess of a human:

    18. This guy who hates lettuce:

    19. This woman who just realized she can't read:

    20. This man who lost a fight to a tape measure:

    21. This woman who is having the worst day of her life:

    22. And this person who is a living Sims character: