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    21 Oddly Satisfying GIFs You Won't Be Able To Stop Watching

    Why do these feel so good? Via Reddit.

    1. Yeah! Cut that dough!

    2. Slice that paper, you sharp little knife, you!

    3. Fit that joint! Fit it!

    4. R! R! R! R!

    5. Make that bowl! Make it all night long!

    6. Yeah, candle! Burn!

    7. Smash, bullet! Smash like your little life depends on it!

    8. Yeah, roll it up. Roll that ice cream UP!

    9. YIP!


    11. Damn, pen! Keep writing!

    12. I've never felt this way towards a frisbee before.

    13. Yeah, pop tarts. Do it!

    14. Solder my heart. Solder it good.

    15. Twiiiiiiiist, pretzel. TWIST! TWIST!

    16. OMG!

    17. Paper airplane, you are a rascal.

    18. Yes, frisbee! Get it!

    19. Don't you ever stop, pasta!

    20. Slice that paper like it deserves to be sliced!

    21. WOOO!!!

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