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28 Things Literally Everyone Does Without Realizing It

We are all similar in a lot more ways than you would think.

1. You feel bad about not helping a repairman who comes to your home, even though you’re paying them to do the job.

2. You sometimes spend so much time with a TV show or podcast that you start to think the stars are your friends.

3. You often reread an email you just sent while putting yourself in the shoes of the person reading it.

4. Whenever a couple announces that they’re having a baby, you can’t help thinking about them having sex.

5. You rehearse both sides of an argument with someone in your head just in case it comes up.

6. You often smile at dogs and ignore their owners.

7. You hate it when books change their covers to have people from the movie on them, even when you like both the book and the movie.

8. You say​ “ouch” when you bump into something even if it didn’t hurt and there’s no one around.

9. You feel an overwhelming urge to clear all the notifications on your phone for no other reason than to have a clean phone.

10. You have this weird feeling that you need to be fair to all your clothes and wear things that aren't necessarily your favorite.

11. You need to find the perfect TV show to watch before you can eat the food you just made for yourself, even if it means the food will get cold.

12. You feel strange saying your own name out loud.

13. You feel an urge to turn the radio down when you realize you’re lost.

14. You can’t have a long conversation on the phone without doing a full walking tour of your home.

15. You often worry that people in a store will suspect you of shoplifting even if you’re not doing anything wrong.

16. You find nothing good to eat in the fridge, close it, then open it again to see if there’s anything in there.

17. Your brain has a habit of remembering a random embarrassing moment from years ago when you're just minding your own business or trying to get to sleep.

18. You check behind the shower curtain when you go to the bathroom, just in case there's someone hiding in there.

19. You often feel your phone vibrating in your pocket even when it's not.

20. When someone slows down to let you cross the road, you feel like you need to hurry across because you don't want them to think you're taking advantage.

21. About 10% of your shower time is devoted to washing yourself. The rest is you having an imaginary conversation with someone.

22. You have wondered at one time or another how many strangers' photographs you appear in the background of.

23. You still make an L shape with your left index finger and thumb whenever you need to distinguish which way is left.

24. You're constantly throwing away the box of something you're cooking, then fishing it out of the trash to read the instructions on it.

25. Sometimes you'll read a whole page of a book and realize that you didn't process any of the information.

26. You'll often put away your phone to get back to work, then forget you did that and immediately pull out your phone again.

27. You have been IRL angry with someone you had a fight with in a dream.

28. And you've felt weird about them if it was a sex dream.

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