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19 Photos Of Moms That Are Never Not Funny

Moms. They're just like us! But a little goofier.

1. The mom who found a way around her electric mixer:

2. The moms who trolled their own sons:

3. The mom who spent her retirement laminating leaves:

4. The mom who made her daughter a custom bookmark:

5. The mom who hates lint:

6. The mom who took censorship into her own hands:

7. The mom who is still figuring out what the buttons do in her new car:

8. The mom who never lets an astronaut travel alone:

9. The mom who beat onion tears:

10. The mom who knows how to work her angles:

11. The mom who got her first windowed oven:

12. The mom who put the Mormons on her doorstep to use:

13. The mom who made new friends abroad:

14. The mom who recognized Waka Flocka Flame in an airport:

15. And the mom who "met" Larry David:

16. These moms who got a little drunk and gave the cat a bath:

17. This mom who took a selfie with a selfie:

18. This mom who tried to order a mixer online:

19. And this mom who enjoyed both her birthday presents at once: