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23 Things Every Total Fucking Loser Will Recognize

La-hoo, sa-her.

1. This wild night out:

2. This comparison:

3. This prank gone wrong:

4. This martyr:

5. This party animal:

6. This realist:

7. This truth-teller:

8. This busy lady:

9. This informer:

10. This dreamer:

11. This regretful person:

12. This innocent son:

13. Rob Delaney:

MAN I wish the jocks who bullied me in high school could see me now!!😎They did real lasting damage & I bet they'd feel pretty guilty.

14. This late-night ponderer:

15. This optimist:

16. These conversationalists:

17. This aspiring chef:

18. This...person:

19. This jokester:

*mugger pulls a knife* Mugger: gimme your money Me: well this night took a SHARP turn *later* Doctor: it's a record for amount of stabs

20. This artist:

21. This second-in-command:

22. This wordsmith:

23. And this master baker:

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