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    17 Trees That Love Eating Almost As Much As You Do

    Bon appé-tree.

    1. "MmmMmm smacks of metal."

    2. *Soft suckling noises* "Ooo, so rocky."

    3. "Yes, a faint twang of aluminum mmMmmMmm."

    4. *Lips smacking* "So cool and oh so stoney."

    5. "Just a hint of rust with a nice paint finish."

    6. "Delightfully bikey!"

    7. "What an interesting texture! So smooth. Goes right down."

    8. *Slurp* "Divine."

    9. "What I like most, I think, is the cold metal aftertaste."

    10. *Gratuitous mouth noises*

    11. "My bark-lips have never beheld such succulence."

    12. "MmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmMm..."

    13. *Mouth full* "I lub dis flabor!!!"

    14. "Juicy."

    15. "Chewy, yet supple."

    16. "Mmm, my big tree belly can't handle another bite."

    17. *Groaning* "I am STUFFED."