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Posted on Jun 24, 2017

The Sound A Zebra Makes Is Slightly Off-Putting If You've Never Heard It Before

Did every zebra swallow a very annoying bird???

Zebras: You know 'em, you love 'em.

They're like horses who experimented with drugs in college. you know what sound zebras make? / Via

I feel like a preschool teacher rn but THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Did you think they said "neigh" like horses?

*Screaming from a mountaintop* SAAAAAAAAAME.

Well surprise:

THIS is the sound a zebra makes:

View this video on YouTube

It's like an annoying bird mixed with the sound I used to make when my crush told a joke in middle school.

I guess you do you, zebras. Who am I to judge?

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    After reading this I have...

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