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    19 Times People Ordered Something At A Restaurant And Got Something Completely Different

    "I asked for extra sauce at the Burger King drive-thru and I got extra salts."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community "What's the funniest way your restaurant order got screwed up?" Here are the best responses.

    1. More bacon:

    I used to work at this restaurant where we served a wedge salad with blue cheese, tomatoes, and bacon. A customer ordered the salad with "no bacon" but the server made a typo when they sent the order to the kitchen. They accidentally wrote "mo bacon" on the order so the kitchen PILED on the bacon. It was basically a bacon salad with a tiny bit of lettuce. We caught it before it went out but the whole staff was dying.

    —Julie McBrien via Facebook

    2. Best thing since sliced bagel:

    I was buying a bagel at Whole Foods and asked the lady behind the bakery counter to slice it for me. She took it and put it into the bread slicer and sliced it LIKE A LOAF OF BREAD. My bagel was in a dozen little slices. I was like, "Uhhhh, I’m not buying that." —laurag4aa0f416d

    3. Sticky situation:

    One time I ordered a Chocolate Chip Cream Frap from Starbucks and asked if they could put some chocolate at the bottom of the cup. That's what they did. Except the chocolate was on the outside.

    nicanthony / Via Syco Entertainment / Thames FremantleMedia

    4. Coming soon to a Cinnabon near you:

    I ordered a coffee drink “with cinnamon on top” at a drive-thru. When they handed me the cup, I felt a weird weight ratio happening so I opened the cup to find it half full of coffee with a CINNAMON BUN WEDGED into the cup. It was too funny to return.


    5. Butter my burger:

    I called my local deli to order a bacon cheeseburger, fries, and a buttered bagel. When I received my order and opened up the container I saw the guy had used the bagel as the bun for the bacon cheeseburger. And — actually — it was not bad.


    6. The number of fries is too damn high:

    I once ordered a #6 with a large fry at McDonald’s. Got home and realized they gave me six orders of large fries. My receipt had the correct order on it, but I do recall that the people working were all high. So, yeah. That happened.

    jessiep4a178bc93 / Via Syco Entertainment / Thames FremantleMedia

    7. Deconstructed PB&J:

    I was on a cruise once and I called room service for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. They sent up a plate with two packets of peanut butter, a knife, and four grapes.


    8. The ol' whiskey and water:

    Once at a bar I ordered a glass of water and a shot of whiskey. The server returned with a tall glass of water with a shot of whisky mixed into it. I know it’s normal to put some water in whisky, but that’s definitely not what I meant!


    9. Half-and-half and all wrong:

    Once I ordered an iced "half-and-half" tea from a Dunkin' Donuts on vacation in Massachusetts. In Florida, where I'm from, this means half-unsweet tea and half-sweet tea. They thought I meant iced tea with half-and-half creamer in it and were pretty confused and kinda grossed out. Understandable.

    yvawwnn / Via Paramount Domestic Television

    10. Any way you slice it:

    I was at a Cubs vs. Sox game at White Sox stadium. I reviewed the menu and decided on pizza. I ordered “a slice of cheese” and was literally brought a Kraft single. This is why I’ll forever be a Cubs fan.


    11. Coconutty:

    I ordered a Coke and a water. I ended up with coconut water.


    12. Someone's salty:

    I asked for extra SAUCE at the Burger King drive-thru and I got extra SALTS.

    a4691cfb50 / Via Syco Entertainment / Thames FremantleMedia

    13. Wrong side of history:

    I ordered a toasted bagel with cream cheese on the side. The dude slapped a lump of cream cheese on the side of the bagel and handed it to me.


    14. A carnivore's nightmare:

    A friend was traveling in Germany and ordered a pepperoni pizza at a restaurant. When the pizza came, there was no pepperoni to be found — it was just a plain pizza with bell peppers. Confused, she asked where the pepperoni was. Turns out, the server thought she said "pepper only," not pepperoni!


    15. Jersey style:

    I asked for a bagel with lox and cream cheese, i got a bagel with LOTS of cream cheese. The cream cheese was about 3 inches thick. I live in North Jersey.


    16. Minimalist:

    I once ordered a cheeseburger with nothing on it, and they handed me a bunless hamburger patty. They didn't even put cheese on it!


    17. Maybe they looked hungry:

    At a Chinese restaurant the waitress was waiting for us to order while my mom was explaining what the different items on the menu were. Apparently the waitress thought my mom was ordering so when our food came she had brought us everything on the menu! Fortunately we were friends with the couple who owned the place and they didn’t charge us for it.


    18. ???:

    One time my mom went to a restaurant and asked for a bagel and they gave her a brown paper bag.


    19. Soup-er crazy:

    I talked my mom into going to the local Red Robin when it first opened back in high school. She ordered some soup but then didn't like it and asked for it to be taken back, not replaced or refunded. I guess the computer glitched at the same time our server went to take it off our order because suddenly server after server proceeded to deliver more bowls of the same soup to my mom. We couldn't get it to stop. It was weirdly scarring for her, and she avoided soup for years — but her level of panic trying to end the cycle of soup is still so damn funny.

    —Manda Arroyo via Facebook

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