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What's The Funniest Way Your Food Order Got Misinterpreted?

Asked for a breakfast sandwich, got an oyster.

The other day my boyfriend Sean ordered egg and cheese on a bagel from a food cart in Midtown Manhattan.

Sean Colello / BuzzFeed

And yes I literally DO feel the need to censor this dude's face because he deserves privacy during this trying time.

Sean was expecting to receive something like this (but without the bacon). It's a New York/Tristate Area staple! A very normal thing to order!

Bhofack2 / Getty Images

I was raised on these things. They shot out of my mother's bosom like BB gun pellets.

But THIS is what the guy handed him:

Sean Colello / BuzzFeed

A freaking hard boiled egg on cream cheese, you guys! What and HOW? I mean, yes, technically an egg and a cheese were present on a bagel, but ???????

Sean was upset. I was upset. A large portion of the internet was upset after I tweeted a pic of it out.

How could this have happened? In NEW YORK nonetheless?

@ErinChack Midtown? Like Midtown in Manhattan? Like midtown in Manhattan, NY?

I mean, Paul F. Tompkins was interested...

@ErinChack All wrongness aside, I want to try this

But most people were horrified.

And it got me thinking. How many other people have fallen victim to a food server taking their order too literally?

So share your best "not what I meant!!!" food stories and photos in the comments below. The best ones will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!

And by the way, yes, Sean did eat that hard-boiled-egg-and-cream-cheese-oyster-looking-bagel. 🤢