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What's The Funniest Way Your Food Order Got Misinterpreted?

Asked for a breakfast sandwich, got an oyster.

The other day my boyfriend Sean ordered egg and cheese on a bagel from a food cart in Midtown Manhattan.

Sean was expecting to receive something like this (but without the bacon). It's a New York/Tristate Area staple! A very normal thing to order!

But THIS is what the guy handed him:

Sean was upset. I was upset. A large portion of the internet was upset after I tweeted a pic of it out.

How could this have happened? In NEW YORK nonetheless?

@ErinChack Midtown? Like Midtown in Manhattan? Like midtown in Manhattan, NY?

I mean, Paul F. Tompkins was interested...

@ErinChack All wrongness aside, I want to try this

But most people were horrified.

And it got me thinking. How many other people have fallen victim to a food server taking their order too literally?

So share your best "not what I meant!!!" food stories and photos in the comments below. The best ones will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!

And by the way, yes, Sean did eat that hard-boiled-egg-and-cream-cheese-oyster-looking-bagel. 🤢