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11 Struggles Only People Named Erin Understand

No, I've never been to Ireland.

1. Erins are apparently the only people on earth who can hear the difference between "Erin" and "Aaron."

2. For some insane reason, our name incites panic into people when they attempt to spell it.

Guys, it's four letters.

3. There is nothing more confusing than overhearing someone say they're "doing errands."

4. And every St. Patrick's Day people think they invented the joke "ERIN GO BRAGH-LESS."

5. When meeting people in loud settings we undoubtedly get one "Karen? Great to meet you!"

6. Or someone (a person without the Erin/Aaron superhearing ability) saying, "Isn't that a boy's name?"

7. It's annoying that it isn't always written in lowercase since it looks so garshdarn purdy.

8. We should probably get a free birthright trip to visit Ireland, since our name literally means "Ireland."

9. Meeting someone who spells it with a "Y" is like meeting an actual unicorn.

10. Somehow there aren't really any famous Erins, despite the fact that we are amazingly talented human beings.

11. Which means there's still room for any one of us to stand up and become the first household Erin.