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26 Drinks That Prove Mixing Beer Is A Great Idea

Why should liquor have all the fun?

1. Black velvet

One part Guinness, one part brut sparkling wine, all parts awesome. Recipe here.

2. Sidewalker

A fruity brandy, lime and wheat beer concoction. Recipe here.

3. Bananenheizen

Beer and banana juice, an unlikely but delicious combo. Recipe here.

4. Bul

A Cuban light beer and gingerale delight. Recipe here.

5. Snakebite

This English tradition of combining lager and cider deserves more attention. Recipe here.

6. Diesel

A snakebite with a splash of blackberry currant, which makes this beer-tail dangerously drinkable and purple in color.

7. Michelada

A spicy beer-tail that gets its kicks from cayenne pepper and Worcestershire sauce. Recipe here.

8. Chelada

A simple lime juice and light beer combo, perfect for summer (or anytime really). Recipe here.

9. Lemon Shandy

Not your kid's lemonade. Recipe here.

10. Blood Orange Shandy

An orange twist on the traditional shandy. Recipe here.

11. Red Eye

If you love Bloody Marys and beer, this drink is for you. Recipe here.

12. Black and Tan

Beer + beer = better beer. Recipe here.

13. The Dirty Flower

Fruit punch, meet wheat beer. Wheat beer, meet fruit punch. Recipe here.

14. Guinness Cream Soda

Mmm...creamy. Recipe here.

15. Summer Hoedown

Nothing says summer quite like fresh watermelon and wheat beer, which is why someone very smart put them together to make this drink. Recipe here.

16. Steamroller

All you gotta know is: beer and whiskey. Recipe here.

17. Coup de Ville

If a tequila sunrise and a beer got married, this would be their love child. Recipe here.

18. Gridiron Punch

Another fruit-punchy beer-tail, this one is perfect for tailgate parties. Recipe here.

19. Lambic Sangria

It's a beer-based sangria, so it's pretty much the best thing ever. Recipe here.

20. Harvey Weissbanger

Consider this the Brass Monkey's refined older sister (Class Monkey?). Recipe here.

21. Cascadian Caipbeerinha

It's a caipirinha, but with beer. Recipe here.

22. Redneck Mother

Grapefruit juice gives this beer-tail its reddish color. Recipe here.

23. Beermarita

A beer lover's take on the margarita. Recipe here.

24. Bulldog

Or you can do it the old fashioned way and shove a beer in your already-made margarita.

25. Sweet Blonde

Two blonde ales walk into a bar... Recipe here.

26. Hangman's Blood

Flickr: linecon0

This is pretty much the Long Island iced tea of beer-tails. Recipe here.

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