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    22 Definitions Only College Kids Know

    Studying. Riiight.

    1. Morning class / Via Sony Pictures Entertainment

    morn·ing class / ˈmôrniNG klas / noun

    An optional class.

    2. Study

    stud·y / ˈstədē / verb

    Watching Netflix with an open textbook nearby.

    3. Monday

    Mon·day / ˈməndā / noun

    The fifth and final day of the Thursday–Monday weekend.

    4. Ramen

    ra·men / ˈrämən / noun

    A prepackaged super meal, which contains all the vitamins and nutrients required to sustain life.

    5. Orientation

    o·ri·en·ta·tion / ˌôrēənˈtāSH(ə)n / noun

    A one-week period before the start of classes reserved for adding people on Facebook you will never talk to again.

    6. Textbook

    text·book / ˈteks(t)ˌbo͝ok / noun

    Approximately seven to ten useful pages of information surrounded by $300 worth of irrelevant paper.

    7. Resident adviser (RA)

    res·i·dent ad·vis·er / ˈrez(ə)dənt ədˈvīzər / noun

    A child put in charge of other children; king of the children.

    8. Communal bathroom

    com·mu·nal bath·room / kəˈmyo͞on(ə)l ˈbaTHˌro͞om / noun

    Mild constipation for nine months of the year.

    9. Lanyard

    lan·yard / ˈlanyərd / noun

    Freshman identification tag.

    10. Library / Via HBO

    li·brar·y / ˈlīˌbrərē / noun

    An area reserved for public naps.

    11. Dining hall / Via Miramax Films

    din·ing hall / dīniNG hôl / noun

    A place where you eat cereal for dinner while avoiding eye contact with someone you hooked up with freshman year.

    12. Exam / Via 20th Television

    ex·am / iɡˈzam / noun

    A periodically scheduled panic attack.

    13. Essay / Via NBCUniversal Television

    es·say / ˈesā / noun

    An assessment of how well students can manipulate margins, headers, and punctuation sizes.

    14. Study abroad

    stud·y a·broad / ˈstədē əˈbrôd / noun

    A four-month-long vacation that is periodically interrupted by classes.

    15. Student group

    stu·dent group / ˈst(y)o͞odnt ɡro͞op / noun

    An organization that you join in order to eat free pizza every Wednesday evening.

    16. Greek life / Via A24

    Greek life / ɡrēk līf / noun

    School-sanctioned drinking clubs.

    17. Grade point average / Via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    grade point av·er·age / ɡrād point ˈav(ə)rij / noun

    The quotient of the total grade points received divided by the credits earned, which is then severely rounded up and written on a résumé.

    18. Online quiz / Via Imagine Television / The Hurwitz Company / 20th Century Fox Television

    on·line quiz / änˈlīn kwiz / noun

    A freebie.

    19. Dorm room / Via Sony Pictures Television

    dorm room / dôrm ro͞om / noun

    A psychological experiment in which universities attempt to learn what the smallest amount of space two or more people can co-habit at one time is.

    20. Floor showers / Via Imagine Television / The Hurwitz Company / 20th Century Fox Television

    floor show·er / flôr ˈSHou(ə)r / noun

    A vessel for collecting and displaying human hair.

    21. Syllabus

    syl·la·bus / ˈsiləbəs / noun

    A sheet of paper that lets students know which days of class are OK to skip.

    22. Graduation / Via Buena Vista Pictures

    grad·u·a·tion / ˌɡrajəˈwāSH(ə)n/

    The end of college and the beginning of the pre-death period also known as "adulthood."

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