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    24 Dating Profiles That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Love Life

    Dating is weird. The internet is weird. Internet dating is super weird.

    1. This rebel without a cause:

    2. Jake, who's always one step ahead:

    3. This open book:

    4. This ladies' man.

    5. This deep thinker:

    6. This selfless man:

    7. This beauty king:

    8. This truth-teller:

    9. This LOLer:

    10. This kool guy:

    11. This hardbody:

    12. This poet:

    13. This enemy of the friendzone:

    14. This open minded individual:

    15. This feminist:

    16. Sir Mix-A-Lot:

    17. This airplane:

    18. This spelling bee champ:

    19. This snake enthusiast:

    20. This fun-loving mama:

    21. This evolutionary biologist:

    22. This god-fearing Christian:

    23. This trick-or-treater:

    24. And this master of subtlety.

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