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27 Cringe-Worthy Dad Jokes You Can't Help But Laugh At

Here are some of the corniest jokes our fathers tell via the glorious subreddit Dad Jokes.

1. "I told my dad about this [Dad Jokes] subreddit:"

2. "Every damn year after it turns 12:00 AM on January 1."

3. "One of the funniest things my dad ever said."

4. "Dad at hospital."

Joke by matti4s's dad.

5. "My dad tells this joke to every girlfriend I bring home."

6. "Whenever we drove past the cemetery."

7. "Every single road trip--the train tracks joke."

8. "My dad pulled this one last week."

9. "Broke my butt."

Joke by PatientZero96's dad.

10. "Dad, I'm hungry."

11. "Whenever I order quesadillas..."

12. "Fell for it every family car trip..."

13. "Whenever I tell my dad something is cool..."

14. "Make me a sandwich."

15. "Whenever we are at a restaurant."

16. "I got my hair cut today..."

17. "Does anyone feel like ice cream?"

18. "My dad used to act like he picked his nose and he'd look at it and say..."

19. "Whenever Dad sees a watermelon."

20. "Dad likes starting road trips with this one..."

21. "Dad had a dream..."

22. "During a full moon. Every god damn time..."

23. "Whenever I leave the house."

24. "What's for dinner?"

25. "'I'm gonna go take a pee...'"

26. "Dining with Dad."

27. "So my dad calls me..."

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