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21 Reasons Why Cows Are Basically Just Really Big Dogs

Hear me out.

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1. Cows love being pet.

2. Cows love giving kisses on the face.

3. Cows can learn tricks!

4. Cows love lounging around with their best bud.


5. They love scritchies on their itchies.

6. They love hugs and lying in the sun. They even love doing both at the same time!

7. Cows are playful.

8. They'll chase a ball.


9. Or an RC car.

10. You can take 'em for a walk.

(Especially if you're Howie Mandel.) / Via

(Especially if you're Howie Mandel.)

11. They love napping in a comfy bed.

12. Or napping on YOU.


13. They're just shaggy...

14. ...cuddly... / Via @happyhensandhighlands

15. ...silly lil' babies.

16. Which makes them dogs, essentially.


17. See? Cuddlin' like a couple of pups.

18. Licking snowflakes outta the sky.

19. Enjoying a romp in a field on the first nice day.


21. G'night!