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    26 Closed Captions That Keep TV Interesting

    I'm going to start watching all my shows with the sound off.

    1. Politics are certainly more interesting with closed captions.

    2. They make commercials much more impactful.

    3. They really keep you invested in tennis matches.

    4. Really invested.

    5. They never take a break, not even during silent films like The Artist.

    6. They add emphasis to statements you may have otherwise missed.

    7. They help set the tone.

    8. They send strong messages.

    9. They're informative.

    10. This is what happened when a bowl fell off a table in Archer:

    11. They know how to keep things light-hearted.

    12. They alert you of important developments!

    13. They're not afraid to focus on the grisly details.

    14. Seriously.

    15. They're masters of double-speak.

    16. They offer a jarring new perspective.

    17. They speak the truth when others are afraid to.

    18. They're cheeky.

    19. They've got your back when you're watching TV with your parents.

    20. They are in no way presumptuous about alternative name spelling.

    21. They're masters of colorful description.

    22. They're not afraid to tell it how it is.

    23. They're truly adept at thought-provoking juxtaposition.

    24. They're unintentionally respectful.

    25. They're so damn literal.

    26. But really, they're just silly.