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    25 Church Signs That Are Too Clever For Their Own Good

    God, that's funny.

    1. Same.

    2. If only it were that easy.

    3. Him and my mom.

    4. How very self-aware.

    5. :')

    6. Satan is such a hater.

    7. It sure feels like heaven.

    8. Omg, save me a stegosaurus!

    9. That's not what they taught us in kindergarten!

    10. Really trying to nail that youth demographic, aren't ya?

    11. *Slow clap*

    12. Roll back that stone.

    13. Or, you know, the cops.

    14. Let that sink in.

    15. Ooo, I c what u did there.

    16. They need a miracle.

    17. Not sure who this argument is in favor of.

    18. You'd convert a lot of people if ya did, big guy.

    19. Just don't hit the repray-all button.

    20. Wow, even the thing that happened in the hotel bathroom?

    21. Well we can all agree on one thing: Both books were too long.

    22. *Takes a vow of silence.*

    23. Coulda fooled me!

    24. OH SNAP.

    25. Something we should all aspire to.