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    18 Cake GIFs That'll Make You Moist

    Is it 350°F in here or is it just me?

    1. Look at those delicate chocolate swirls.

    2. Look how this frosting spreads ever so gently.

    3. What a silly, messy cake.

    4. Watch how the warm chocolate pours.

    5. Watch how the pink cream dangles.

    6. See the powdered sugar? Do you see how it sprinkles?

    7. Take a deep breath.

    8. Imagine these soft little dollops against your skin.

    9. Contemplate the perfect completeness of this icing.

    10. Look at these creamy layers. Don't they call to you?

    11. It's even good raw.

    12. Look at that hot, red center.

    13. The tender layers...

    14. The pillowy puffs...

    15. The way it jiggles ever so slightly.

    16. Spread that chocolate!

    17. Pipe that icing!

    18. ♫ Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake. ♫

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