14 Babies Who Are Too Dumb For Their Own Good

Get it together, babies.

1. This baby who can’t even sit up on her own.

2. This baby who is losing a battle to a spoon.

3. This baby who can’t even figure out how to smile for a camera.

4. This baby who can barely grasp the concept of eating.

5. This baby who clearly has no idea how to read.

6. This baby who can’t even walk down stairs the right way.

7. This baby who hasn’t gotten the hang of glass yet.

8. This baby who never thought a thing through in his entire life.

9. This baby who is giving babies a bad name.

10. This baby who acts like she’s never seen ice before.

11. This baby who’s like, “What? Colors???????”

12. This baby who’s apparently never heard of coffee.

13. These babies who obviously have no problem-solving skills.

14. And this baby who is impressed by a simple tunnel.

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