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    24 Ways We Are All Will McKenzie From "The Inbetweeners"

    He may be a massive bumder but there's a piece of Will in all of us.

    1. You're backbreakingly gracious.

    2. You have lofty thoughts about your own self-worth.

    3. You take great pride in the friends you chose to surround yourself with.

    4. Sometimes you're unexpectedly eloquent.

    5. Or verbose.

    6. Or phonetically creative in general.

    7. You've been known to be deeply thoughtful.

    8. You stand up for what you believe.

    9. You're unconditionally supportive.

    10. You're good at keeping your friends grounded.

    11. You're a blast at parties.

    12. You're inspiringly practical.

    13. You have the patience of a saint.

    14. You often put your friends' needs before your own.

    15. You're direct when you need to be.

    16. You do unforgettable impressions.

    This one's of Yoda.

    17. You offer insightful perspective.

    18. You're able to keep a firm grasp on reality.

    19. You always maintain your integrity.

    20. You're perfectly emphatic.


    21. You always take a minute to appreciate those around you.

    22. You dive fearlessly into new experiences.

    23. You take great pride in your appearance.

    24. You're a risk-taker. And others respect that about you.

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