18 Photos That Won’t Make Sense To Sisterless Families

“Is that my shirt?”

1. When you’re snooping through your sister’s stuff and you hear her coming up the stairs:

2. When you try to leave the house wearing her shirt:

3. And when she tries to leave the house wearing yours:

4. When things get physical:

5. When you are constantly on each other’s nerves:

6. When your parents take your side of an argument:

7. When you couldn’t agree on what show to watch:

8. When she’s got somewhere to be:

9. When someone tells you, “Your sister’s hot”:

10. When you both call shotgun:

11. When you know exactly who took a shower last:

12. When she acts innocent in front of your parents but you know better:

13. When you get in a fight and your mom makes you “hug it out” even though you’re still mad:

14. When she starts laughing about something bad you did right in front of your parents:

NBCUniversal / Via quickmeme.com

15. When you come back from the bathroom and she’s in your favorite spot:

16. When you have to find sneaky ways to fight with her so your parents won’t get mad:

17. When your parents put you in charge:

dadoffrankenstein.wordpress.com / Via Columbia Pictures

18. When you realize you’d be lost without her:

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