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People Had Their Nightmares Interpreted And Shit Got SO Real

“I really like it when a bad dream doesn't scare inspires you instead.”

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Have you ever wondered what your scary dreams mean? Like, if you dream about falling down a well every night, does that mean your life is fucked? We decided it would be helpful to know, so we brought in a dream expert to help us find out:

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Dr. Robert Moradi is a Jungian analyst who has studied dreams for 30 years (which is probably longer than many of you have been alive). He told us that if you don't have healthy communication with your dreams and you ignore them, they can turn into nightmares:


Johanna told Dr. Moradi about a recurring nightmare she had when she was traveling alone. She would dream about her room opening up into a factory with a talking doll in it:

Dr. Moradi basically confirmed that dolls are creepy, duh. And that Johanna was homesick for her sister (whose doll was in the dream) while she was in Japan alone — which Jo admitted was something she struggled with:


He also said the dream signified that Michelle should put her past in proper perspective, but not be blindly loyal like a dog, and told her, "That's why the dog is also killed in the dream."