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Is Having Sex In The Shower Hot Or Nah?

Things are getting steamy in here. ;) ;) ;)

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Sex! It's great no matter where ya have it! Right? Well, maybe not. It's debatable!

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Let's kick it off with the case FOR doing the dirty where ya get clean.

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Ryan argued that shower sex is an essential part of ~mixing it up~ in a long-term relationship.

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And Jazzmyne stated the very valid fact that bodies look pretty dope when they're covered in water.

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Auri pointed out that animal-like sex noises turn into a choir of little baby angels when you're in the bathroom.

And Yessica was pro shower sex for the lack of cleanup it requires.

Ryan also pointed out that not only the water would be steamin' up that room.

Now let's hear the case against shower banging.

Keith was very convinced that shower sex could lead to some serious causalities.

...and Zach agreed.

So I guess "Try Guys Try Shower Sex" is out, then?

Kelsey reminded Ryan that water is a no-go as far as lube goes.

And while Zach was mid-argument, Yessica showed him how things go down in shower town.

On the flip side, shower-boning just doesn't always work out for tall people.

And Eli brought up the fact that condoms don't hold up as well with that water.

Overall, Kelsey's stance was simple:

  1. So what do you think? Are you down for shower bone town?

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So what do you think? Are you down for shower bone town?
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    Helllllll nah. I'm not trying to slip in there.
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    Fuck yes. Let's get wet 'n' wild.
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    Look IDK but I haven't been laid in a minute.