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12 Nazis From "Wolfenstein" Who Are Having A Bad Day

These guys are down. They're down and they're staying down.

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1. That is not what you might call a surface wound.


Literally ded.

2. Quick! Call a, nevermind.


Better make it a coroner. Or, just, nobody.

3. Cancel this guy's weekend plans. He's down.


Swirly + stab = done.

4. "Me on Mondays." ROFLMAO!


All joking aside, though, this person's been murdered.

5. He's just a 140 lbs. of hamburger now. He might not rally.


Unless he has a Hamburger Helper.

6. She wasn't in great shape before the robot threw her off a cliff. Done.


Take a knee, Nazi. Ya done.

7. I'm sure he'll be fine. Or, okay, not fine, but...oh, no, he's dead.


Yeah, no, he's def dead.

8. Stick a fork in this guy, he's done.


I guess you don't need to bother with the fork thing, though. He's been stabbed several times already.

9. Days since last workplace helicopter decapitation: 71


*Sighs. Resets count to 0*

10. We know we don't have to tell you this b/c you're not an idiot, but ALWAYS double tap a Nazi.


Tap. Tap. Done.

11. I'd be very surprised if this man makes the hot stone massage he booked for this afternoon.


Although he probably needs one now more than ever.

12. No piece of this guy is getting up. Not even the big ones that are still twitching.


Everybody grab their own piece to remember Dieter by. Dieter's...passed on.

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