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    • erichm

      I think it’s interesting that stay at home parents think that their day is “difficult”. If you are stay at home parent with a single child I am not going to even entertain “difficulty” you are just being helpless and childish. Put on your big boy britches and pony up, you not only get to be home all day which gives you much more freedom than you care to assume, but it also allows you to have time with your kid, which is terrible I know, you, the rock, the singular point from which your children learn from and look up to for advice and training, it’s horrible. I am really getting tired of all of these helpless parents that think that since they stay at home with the kids, they need to make themselves look more important by creating the illusion that their whole day is swamped with childcare, what you need time management. Being a stay at home parent requires the same kind of self-discipline that a job would require when managing your time. If you find yourself in a place in which you don’t feel like you have time to do anything, it is because you are wasting an enormous amount of time on something else. Track what you do for a few days,  i.e.
      8:00 AM I made breakfast
      8:45 AM Timmy and I played with toys for 1 hour
      9:45-11:00 AM Studied for exam at “Insert College”
      Etc…  If you do this for a couple of days you will find out that a lot of your time is wasted and you will see where you need to do something productive instead of just sitting around. Which I’m not saying involves watching soaps and eating bon bons, but you will see that a lot of time you have is stagnant because you don’t know what to do with your free time. You can go ahead and share your hateful feedback, as I am expecting it from some sensitive Sally, but keep in mind I really don’t care what you think. If you think I will entertain your pity party you are having because you think this isn’t the way it is and you work so hard everyday with your one child you are wrong.  Children aren’t “Work” they aren’t “Hard” you are the ones who mold them into the people they become, only you are to blame for the difficulty of parenting and childcare, if you go in it with a bad attitude, you will find that it is much more difficult for you. So stop crying and grow up. Also if you have any positive feedback or having something to add feel free to share.

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