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19 Things You Should Never Say To A Stay-At-Home Parent

Just because we have kids doesn't mean we won't put a hurt on you.

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3. "You guys must be making some pretty good coin if one of you can stay at home!"

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Maybe, or maybe we're scrimping and saving to make this possible because we think it's what's best for our family.


10. "How many bonbons would you say you eat in a week?"

Ah, the tired old joke that stay-at-home moms love bonbons. Can we give it a rest? Also, everybody loves bonbons. They're freaking delicious.


14. "Are you getting any from the other parents at the park?"

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It's healthy for moms and dads to share their experiences as stay at home parents. But thanks for going and making it all weird.

17. “I wish I'd get pregnant so I could stop working too.”

If the reason you want to get pregnant is just so you won't have to work, then you really need to get a new gig. And a psychiatrist.

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