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19 Things You Should Never Say To A Stay-At-Home Parent

Just because we have kids doesn't mean we won't put a hurt on you.

1. "What do you do all day?"

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What don't we do?

2. "I totally thought your house would be cleaner than this."

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First, oh no you didn't. Second, it was clean an hour ago and three hours before that. Do you not see these kids?

3. "You guys must be making some pretty good coin if one of you can stay at home!"

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Maybe, or maybe we're scrimping and saving to make this possible because we think it's what's best for our family.

4. "You should try putting on some regular pants."


No one asked your opinion, UPS guy.

5. "You ever think you'll get a real job?"


You mean like the one you constantly complain about?

6. "I’d get so much done if I were home all day."

Says the person who bragged about watching Netflix all weekend.

7. "What else do you do?"


Sorry you think being a stay-at-home parent isn't enough.

8. "Don't you feel a little like a 1950s housewife?"

SportSuburban / Flickr: 42353480@N02

The '50s were 60 years ago, so no.

9. "Do you ever wish you had any of your own money?"

I don't know. You think my partner ever wishes they had any of their own kids?

10. "How many bonbons would you say you eat in a week?"

Ah, the tired old joke that stay-at-home moms love bonbons. Can we give it a rest? Also, everybody loves bonbons. They're freaking delicious.

11. "I could never do what you do."

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I know, because you're too important and awesome.

12. "What's your favorite soap opera? I know you've got one!"


Oh, I get it. Because we just sit around all day watching television. Good one.

13. "I would get so bored."

You wouldn't have time to be bored.

14. "Are you getting any from the other parents at the park?"

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It's healthy for moms and dads to share their experiences as stay at home parents. But thanks for going and making it all weird.

15. "Don't you feel unfulfilled?"


First, it's just as easy to feel unfulfilled working outside the home as it is in it. Second, it's pizza night tonight, so no.

16. “You’re wasting your college degree."

Actually, we use it every day raising our kids and running our households.

17. “I wish I'd get pregnant so I could stop working too.”

If the reason you want to get pregnant is just so you won't have to work, then you really need to get a new gig. And a psychiatrist.

18. "Since you’re home all day do you think you could feed my dog?"

No problem! And since you're at work all day do you think you could do my taxes?

19. "So you're just a mom/dad?"

There's no "just" about it.