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    10 Beautiful & Useful String Light Ideas

    Twinkle twinkle upcycled string lights. Add some bling to your home and garden at night.

    1. Art Canvas

    Poke holes in an art canvas and let the lights shine through. There's a free tutorial here.

    2. Umbrella Star

    Go get that umbrella from the trash and give it a new life.

    3. Heat Mat

    Rope lights can provide enough warmth to help seeds germinate. See how.

    4. Rug

    Chunky yarn crocheted around rope lights = awesome. See details here.

    5. Ryan Decor

    6. Ladder

    Here's the recipe: old wood ladder, twigs, crystals, string lights. Lovely. Photo is by Alexandra Design Finds.

    7. Fire Pit

    Fun faux fire idea for a faux fireplace. Try saying that five times fast. Then get the tutorial here.

    8. Tree

    Probably used a lot of scotch tape, but it was fun while it lasted. Via HomeInteriorDesign on reddit.

    9. Hanging Baskets

    Dress up summer flower baskets with string lights. Icicles and snow provided free of charge.

    10. Orb

    Evening bling! Don't let those wire garden planters have the winter off. Join them together and wrap them in string lights. Here's how it's done.