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10 Beautiful & Useful String Light Ideas

Twinkle twinkle upcycled string lights. Add some bling to your home and garden at night.

empressofdirt 3 years ago

5 Best Fall & Winter Veggie Gardening Tips

Can you really grow vegetables outdoors in the fall and winter—in cold climates? Yes, you can! In fact, some veggies grow best in colder conditions. See what you need to get growing.

empressofdirt 4 years ago

17 Charming Garden Art DIYs

Take common household items and repurpose them into charming garden art. Most can be made for less than $20.

empressofdirt 5 years ago

6+ Foods To Grow Indoors Right Now

How about fresh greens, tomatoes, sprouts, peas, and herbs any time you want? Grow them year round indoors on your windowsill or under grow lights. This is local food at its finest.

empressofdirt 5 years ago