Show The World What You Eat

Today BuzzFeed Food launches “Nom or Not”— a list that ranks user-submitted food photos based on user votes. So SHOW US YOUR NOMS.

1. Starting today there will be a new feature on BuzzFeed Food called “Nom or Not.”

2. It’s just like BuzzFeed Animals’s “Cute or Not” — except NOMS.

Check out Cute or Not if you haven’t heard of it. Because, you know, it’s cute.

3. Step 1: Upload a picture of food on the “Nom or Not” page.

Here’s a link to the page. When you upload your food, include a description (up to 140 characters). Tell us if it’s something you ate at a restaurant (and where!), cooked at home (and how!), or spotted at the market.

4. Step 2: Tell all your friends to vote for your food.

The foods with the most “Nom” votes will rise to the top of our “Nom or Not Top 10” and eventually that food will RAIN DOWN FROM THE SKY.* The coolest submissions may also be featured in editorial posts on BuzzFeed Food.

*BuzzFeed cannot guarantee that this will happen but we will ask the food gods nicely.

5. Step 3: Vote on other people’s food.

6. Step 4: Realize you’re at work and you’re not getting anything done.

7. Step 5: Head to lunch and take more awesome pictures of food.

8. The rules.

1. The picture must be food that you have eaten, cooked, or encountered in REAL LIFE — not just on the Internet.

2. No humans. (Hands/torsos/whatever is necessary to HOLD the food, fine, but keep it secondary.)

9. ok GO!

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