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25 Reasons "Masterchef Junior" Is The Best Show On TV

A new competitive cooking show with kids ages 8-13 sounds like it would be the most annoying thing ever. Instead it is absolutely delightful, and here's why.

1. Because the kids are little angels and they cry when anyone gets sent home.

2. And it's actually cute when they are super dramatic.

3. Because they can't even see over their mystery boxes.

4. And then are genuinely horrified by what is inside.

5. Because they can't reach things in the pantry.

6. But being tiny doesn't stop them.

7. Because they look so cute when they have to wear chef's whites for the restaurant takeover episode.

8. Because Alexander is so sweet and talented, and takes it very well when the judges say he looks like Julia Child's lost grandson.

9. Because Kaylen is a hero.

10. Because Sarah is adorable and has to stand on a box to reach to the countertop.

11. Also you'll notice she can never, ever hold still.

12. Because Jack is the cutest little herb-chopping maniac who wears Hawaiian-print t-shirts.

He discovered the shirts on a trip to Hawaii and cooks in them because they're so comfortable that he thinks they bring good luck to his food. "Right now, I own ten. I’ll probably own twenty pretty soon," he told NYMag. THE CUTEST.

13. And when Dara's bow falls in her face it's the best thing ever.

14. Because when they cook, we can actually understand what's happening.

15. In fact, the food is simple enough that it actually inspires you to cook, instead of just eat.

16. Because they get insanely nervous every time the judges taste their food instead of having egos about it.

17. Because Gordon Ramsay is helpful instead of degrading.

18. And as he helps them, the viewers actually learn something.

From a cooking show?? LEARNING?? No way!

19. He might even be learning something too?

20. In fact, chef Gordon is being really really sweet.

21. And appears to actually be having fun.

22. Because the kids are shockingly talented.

23. And when they fail they don't hold back showing their disappointment.

24. And most of all, because unlike the adult version, they are overwhelmingly loving and supportive of each other.

25. And seem like they're having so much fun.