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    This Cat Has A Special Relationship With An Air Conditioner

    A short story about a cat named Mush.

    This is my friend's cat, Mush.

    Owner of Baby Cats

    Apparently her real name is Maggie? We call her Mush.

    We also like to call her Baby Cats.

    Owner of Baby Cats

    Baby Cats gets hot sometimes.

    Owner of Baby Cats

    So she tries to turn on the air conditioner.

    Owner of Baby Cats

    My friend will usually leave it on for Mush during hot weekdays when she's at work, but even when it's temperate, Mush requests MOAR AC.

    She hasn't figure out which button it is quite yet, so we help her, but MAYBE SHE WILL SOON?!?!

    Owner of Baby Cats

    Happy the AC is on at last. THE END.

    Owner of Baby Cats

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