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17 Marijuana Snacks To Eat During The Stoner Bowl

AKA the Bud Bowl, aka Super Bowl XLVIII.

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If this strikes you as an opportunity to do something clever to celebrate then you're not alone.

Not to be left out of the fun, BuzzFeed Food editors asked some of our favorite cannabis cooking experts to share their Super Bowl recipes for this post.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most of the recipes should be started a day in advance because nearly all of them start with infusing butter or oil with marijuana — a process that's best done over low heat for many hours — then using that butter or oil in what's otherwise a pretty normal recipe.

IMPORTANT WARNING: It may seem like a cute idea to make all of these as a menu, but please don't because you will feel like this. Choose one or two, then round out your menu with a few recipes that don't contain psychoactive drugs, please, so you can feel like this.

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