36 Clever Gifts For Food Lovers That You’ll Want To Keep For Yourself

Give me a ceramic Chihuahua to hold my tacos or give me death.

1. Chihuahua Taco Holder, $28

Taco night essential. Get it here.

2. Sriracha Water Bottle, $8

Maybe it’s not a water bottle, maybe it holds Sriracha. Up to you. Get it here.

3. Unicorn Seasoning Shaker, $14


Really weird. Really like it. Get it here.

4. Nibble Coaster, $18

It’s not healthy to drink on an empty stomach so obviously this is a very important invention. Get it here.

5. Perfect Pat of Butter Cutter, $15

How have you lived without this. Get it here.

6. Breakfast Sandwich Maker, $23

*Jaw drops.* Get it here.

7. Anatomically Correct Organ Chocolates, $31

Especially ideal for a med school student, doctor, nurse, or other crazy person. Get it here.

8. Hot Dog Toaster, $18

Everyone has someone in their life obsessed with hot dogs, and that someone needs this machine. Getit here.

9. Hedgehog Toothpick Holder, $25

Cutesy classy is the new shabby chic. Did I just say that? *fart noises* Get it here.

10. Banana Slicer, $10


Kiiiiiiind of cringe inducing, but it works. Get it here.

11. Peanut Butter and Jelly BFF Rings, $15

The cutest. Get it here.

12. Herb Keeper, $21

Anyone you buy this for has to cook you a really fresh healthy dinner. That’s a rule. Get it here.

13. Pretzel Pool Float, $24

Anything able to induce hunger when you’re in a bathing suit is doing it right. Buy it here.

14. Pineapple Corer, $6


Bonus: Fill the pineapple shell with a slushy boozy drink and pretend you’re on the beach hay hay. Get it here.
If you want to spend a little extra, the OXO one is the best at $20.

15. Traveling Snack Bowl, $25

‘Cause it’s not OK to never be without those snaxx. Get it here.

16. Twirling Spaghetti Fork, $14

Because eating spaghetti is otherwise just impossible. Get it here.

17. The Roll N Pour, $15

Whoa. This…..I don’t even know. Get it here.

18. Egg Molds, $4–$7


Can you even. I dunno guys I’m a grown ass woman but I want those. From left, buy them here, here, and here.

19. Popcorn Popper, $19

For the popcorn lover in your life. Get it here.

20. Microwave Omelette Cooker, $15


This actually works. Get it here.

21. Flavor Infuser Water Bottle, $15

Oooooooo faaaaancy. Get it here.

22. Milk Moo Head, $12

Seems necessary. Get it here.

23. Veggie Chopper, $47


I am not one to endorse things like this, but this one is actually excellent. Get it here.

24. Avocado Keeper, $7

This thing rules. Get it here.

25. Girolle Cheese Scraper, $70

Take this out for a dinner party and someone is going to think you’re some kind of wizard. It shaves a wheel of cheese (use either Tête de Moine or P’tit Basque cheese) into these delightful flowers that are way more satisfying than a slice. It’s the best. Get it here.

26. Cup Holder Swivel Tray, $11

WHAT. GIMME. Get it here.

27. Citrus Peeler, $1

Manicure friendly. Get it here.

28. Portion Control Pasta Baskets, $9 each

Also good for those nights when you want penne and your boyfriend/family/roommate is all “waaaaah spaghetti.” Get it here.

29. Ugly Jumper Cookie Kit, $22

Probably best given to someone with a little artistic ability since this basically comes with cookie cutters, frosting, and sprinkles. But still, so clever! Get it here

30. Soup and Sandwich Ceramic Tray Duo, $30

MMMMM. Get it here

31. Chalk Board Mug, $10

Like this. Clearly I’m not suing it for astrophysics or whatever that is up there, but still. Get it here.

32. Avocado Cuber, $18

Douse in lime juice, add salt. Instant guacamole. Get it here.

33. Balcony BBQ, $98

Move right along if you live anywhere but NYC, otherwise, yeah. Get it here.

34. Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters, $13

Rad. Get it here.

35. Sunnyside Egg Shaper

So cute for breakfast in bed! Get it here.

36. Stoneware TV Dinner Tray, $24

God just look at all that awesome mac ‘n’ cheese. That meal is perfect. Get it here.

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