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What's The Most Life-Changing Thing You Own?

We want to know all about the items that have helped you live your best life. (And maybe even pay you for it!)

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

Everyone has at least one product that's seriously improved their life in a major way — or simply made them say, "Why the hell didn't I buy this sooner??"

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Whether it's a mask that basically vacuums out your pores...

Hakunamytatas / Amazon User / Via

...a journal that asks for just one line a day...

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...socks that make every day easier...

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...tights that have lasted a whopping nine years (and are still going strong...

Jessie Gaynor / BuzzFeed

...or earbuds that just might be the best $9 you've ever spent...

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...we want to know about it! (And we might even pay you to write about it.)

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It could be a beauty product, a piece of clothing or footwear, a kitchen staple, a gadget or device you can't live without, or basically anything else that's made your life healthier, happier, and/or more productive in any way.

Tell us about all the shouting-from-the-rooftops life-changing things that you think the whole world should know about — email us at

If we're interested in featuring your review, we'll reach out with more info! (And check out this month's Life-Changing Things We Tried to see what BuzzFeed editors have been loving.)

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