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    9 Game-Changing Products For Your Home That Are Worth Every Penny

    From smart storage options to gorgeous lamps and home accents, here's what BuzzFeed editors and writers are loving this month.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of OXO's amazing pop containers so you can keep your dry food and ingredients fresh and pest-free for longer.

    Rebecca O'Connell / BuzzFeed

    Baking is big part of my life: I like having all the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies on hand at all times in case of emergency. But frankly, the way I've been storing my ingredients has been downright embarrassing. My bag of flour has been leaking all over the cabinet, and I'm not sure keeping a package of chocolate chips rolled up in the corner is doing me any favors. After spotting a mouse in my apartment, it occurred to me that I should probably toss all my open bags and start fresh.

    Enter pop containers from OXO (yep, the avocado tool people). The sleek-looking containers keep food fresh and presentable, so you don't have to get a lecture when your mom visits and peeks into your cabinets. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate your various needs. So far I've used them for sugar, flour, cornmeal, Wheat Thins, spaghetti, pretzels, and almonds. Each container has a big button on top that you can press to open or seal the jar. It's so satisfying to pop these things open that I can't imagine using a different container system ever again.

    While it's great to keep your dry goods stored safely away from bugs and gnawing rodent teeth, it's also good to, you know, just be organized. Having everything so neatly at my disposal has really motivated me to cook and bake more. Plus, I'm using all the pasta I buy every time, instead of leaving an open, half-full box in the cabinet for months after forgetting about it and eventually tossing it. If you want a more adult kitchen, these fancy containers are the first step on your way there. —Rebecca O'Connell

    Get the five-piece set for $49.95 and the 10-piece for $99.95, both from Amazon, or the 10-piece set from Walmart for $99.82.

    2. A sturdy shower curtain liner that’ll make you break up with your storage caddy.

    Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed

    When I’m writing about home organization, there are lots of products I find and think, "one day!" — and this shower curtain liner with pockets has been at the top of my list for a while. (I’ve put it in stories, like here and here, to name a few.) So I clicked "add to cart" as soon as I signed a lease on my new apartment. In my old place I had a corner caddy (like this one) in the bathroom I shared with two roommates, which can hold A LOT of products but is also tough to clean around. This liner is perfect now that I’m living solo.

    I couldn’t be happier with my $17 purchase, which sounds ludicrous for a shower curtain liner but is totally worth the price. Its mesh pockets are incredibly sturdy and even *I* can fit all my shower stuff in there. (FYI, I often keep three or four body washes and conditioners each in the shower at all times.) There’s lots of reinforcement where each pocket meets the liner and at the top of the liner, so dropping a weighty bottle of shampoo in a pocket is NBD. Obviously, you want to try for even weight distribution between the pockets and toiletries, but it doesn’t seem to be an issue. And these smooth-gliding hooks I also bought for my new digs make opening and closing my shower curtain as smooth as buttah.

    Get it from Amazon for $15.45+ (available in clear and white), Walmart for $17.81, or Jet for $22.79.

    3. A pair of glamorous tripod and globe floor lamps to upgrade your home decor without completely emptying your wallet.

    Mallory McInnis / BuzzFeed

    There are about 40 lamps I want to buy at West Elm. There are about zero lamps my bank account thinks I should actually buy at West Elm. Thankfully, there's a lamp-purchasing solution that my bank account and my taste in brass, midcentury-modern-style lamps can agree on: Target's Project 62 collection. I have two lamps from the line (the tripod and the globe ones) and could not love them more. They look expensive in the product photos on the Target website, and that "high-end appearance at a low-end budget" translates to real life.

    Some of the online commenters have mentioned that the tripod lamp is wobbly and unsteady; I have had no such problems and think that — perhaps — they just need to be a bit more careful when it comes to putting things together (sorry, pals). And when it comes to the globe lamp, the complaints seem to be that it isn't sturdy and it's short. My response = I don't know how it could possibly be sturdier unless the base was substituted with a literal hunk of granite and...maybe (just maybe) read the height of something before you order it!?!?! LOL, it's true though! No, this isn't the tallest lamp on the market, but, imo, it's the perfect height to put beside a couch or near a bed (where I have it) for reading purposes.

    But enough dragging online commenters (even if they deserve it)! In short, I'm a Project 62 lamp stan and actually ordered another lamp to add to my collection when I was in the process of writing this review. —Mallory McInnis

    Get the tripod lamp for $75.99 and the globe lamp for $56.99 (available in brass, brushed nickel, and black), both from Target.

    4. A minimalist ladder so you can ~step up~ the organization of your worn-once-or-twice-but-not-quite-ready-for-the-laundry clothes.

    Jessie Gaynor / BuzzFeed, Amazon

    I recently merged my earthly belongings with those of another human, which has been very exciting because: 1) loooooove, and 2) now I have a SodaStream! But also, it has forced me to be a little more mindful of the fact that I am sharing my space with someone who doesn't necessarily subscribe to the well-established Chair System of storing clothes that you just aren't ready to wash yet. And since necessity is truly the mother of Amazon purchases, I decided to buy this Yamazaki Leaning Ladder Rack, which promised to be an elegant solution for in-between clothing.

    The ladder was pretty easy to assemble (my friend who enjoys assembling things did it for me, but it looked pretty easy, and only took him like 10 minutes), and looks every bit as cool and minimalist as it did online. I am arguably too into this ladder, but in my defense: It looks beautiful in our bedroom, it takes up almost no space, and it holds so many sweaters — way more than a chair! I usually have five or six garments hanging off it, because I prefer a streamlined look, but you could certainly fit more.

    Some of the pictures on Amazon have it holding towels or throw blankets, and now I kind of want to buy more. A design-y ladder in every room! Truly every thirtysomething's dream. —Jessie Gaynor

    Get it from Amazon for $50 (available in black or white).

    5. One-of-a-kind (and responsibly sourced) butterfly objets d'art that'll add a gorgeous, nature-inspired accent to any corner or tabletop.

    Mallory Mower / BuzzFeed

    After years of embracing a minimalist lifestyle (not because I was trendy, but because I couldn’t afford much more than an Amazon sofa and a toothbrush), I have finally been able to live my best life and decorate my apartment the way I’ve always dreamed: by filling all 600 square feet with charming oddities. Like many a great and organized hoarder before me, I like to define my apartment’s aesthetic as “eclectic.” This term helps me justify the shelf in my living room that has both a life-size pug lamp and a life-size felted Ben & Jerry’s pint of ice cream. I love finding good pieces with a great story, and of all the weird knickknacks that fill my Brooklyn apartment to the brim, two of my very favorite pieces are small bottles holding lovely little moths from Etsy shop Flutter by Katie.

    I found Flutter by Katie while stalking Brooklyn flea markets a couple of years ago looking for a Christmas gift for my spouse. Instead, I found Katie’s work — i.e., gifts for my spouse to get me. I loved how gorgeous every jar and terrarium was, each with such original detail that every piece felt like its own miniature world. I loved these pieces so much, in fact, that I gave my husband full range in the selection process. With dozens of colorful jars full of butterflies and moths of various shapes and sizes, with different bottles and thimbles and plants in place, I knew I would like any of them. I opened my gift on Christmas Day to find two understated and lovely pieces, each with a tiny moth/butterfly (I really do not know anything about lepidopteron, other than their going by the order name lepidopteron) and each with unique accent pieces to accentuate their beauty. The first floats in a clear jar above three small acorns, and the second sits atop a gorgeous (and teensy) apothecary jar.

    The pieces themselves are surprisingly sturdy and can be personalized upon request. When I talked with Katie, she joked about how she must look lugging a storefront’s worth of butterflies on the subway. If those butterflies can make it across Brooklyn on the G train…they can make it anywhere. Katie recommended keeping them away from direct sunlight, which I did, and after two years mine still look absolutely lovely. They are set between two windows and not in direct sunlight, but do still see a fair amount of sun and haven’t faded a bit.

    The butterflies used in her pieces are farmed responsibly through connections Katie has made herself, where she uses specimens that have already passed naturally, giving them new life in her gorgeous artwork. I love my little lepidopteron and the art Flutter by Katie has brought into my home. —Mallory Mower

    Get a one-of-a-kind piece from Flutter by Katie on Etsy for $35+.

    6. An adorable tissue box cover so you won't have to wipe your poor nose with toilet paper — because you'll always want to keep a box of tissues stocked and lookin' cute.

    Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed

    I, an adult woman, cannot remember the last time I bought a box of tissues for my home (though I have several purse packs?!). It may have been when I most recently had a sinus infection, which I guess was two-plus years ago. But now that I’m playing house as a grown-ass person in an apartment to myself, I’m trying to be *responsible*. So obviously buying this whimsical tissue box cover we’ve featured in a million BuzzFeed shopping posts is peak adulting.

    Perhaps the reason I’ve been so bad at keeping around a box of tissues is because tissues just look...kind of ugly out in the open. But not with this lil’ cover! Now it’s a ~design element~ that I’ll hopefully remember to keep full. For now, it’s filled with a square box of tissues I unearthed from my old apartment’s closet while packing; it's presently neatly housed inside the tissue box cover, providing the "smoke" for the tiny chimney. The only downside to committing to this box is that I'll have to buy square-shaped tissue boxes only now. But I can live with that. And with my not-snotty nose. —Elizabeth Lilly

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99 or Walmart for $5.

    7. A natural vinegar spray that will leave every surface it touches squeaky-clean — without leaving a lingering vinegar scent after it's worked its magic.

    AnaMaria Glavan / BuzzFeed

    I’m about to hit you with a harsh reality: A *lot* of everyday cleaning products on the market are filled with icky chemicals. And you can tell that they’re filled with icky chemicals based on how strong their smell is; if you’re sensitive to fragrances, that stuff can often give you a headache. But have no fear! Aunt Fannie's Cleaning Vinegars are here to save the day in an all-natural way.

    These cruelty-free, food-grade cleaning vinegars are made with — yes, you guessed it — white distilled vinegar and various scented oils that promise to keep your home sparkly clean without any overwhelming fragrances or toxic ingredients. Before trying it out for myself, I was initially pretty skeptical: Have you ever smelled a bottle of vinegar? Not appealing. However! After using the lavender blend in my kitchen, I was SO excited and surprised! It basically smelled like lavender...with a slight hint of vinegar. I sprayed, wiped, left the kitchen to grab a new roll of paper towels, came back, and there was no scent at all. All that was left was my sparkling countertop.

    I definitely notice a huge difference between these cleaning vinegars and all the other household products I'd been using before: Besides the lack of chemical fragrances, it seems like this vinegar-based solution actually cleans a lot better, too. It never leaves a greasy, sticky film like I’ve noticed tends to happen with other products, and I feel like my countertops tend to stay clean for longer. I already plan on stocking up on this brand — it’s just so damn good. I CAN’T BELIEVE I DIDN’T TRY ‘EM OUT SOONER. —AnaMaria Glavan

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99 (available in lavender, sweet mandarin, fresh lime mint, and eucalyptus).

    8. A baby gate to help ease your pup's separation anxiety and prevent them from destructive behavior while you're not home.

    Francine Hendrickson / BuzzFeed

    My life — and more so my dog Lily’s life — was truly changed for the better with the purchase of this baby gate. Previously, I had tried to crate-train Lily, and although it worked to a degree — she would go in calmly and nap — she would still be really wired up and anxious when I came home from work. Lily has a lot of separation anxiety, and has already done damage to my apartment when left home alone (she chews the front door). So I needed an alternative to a crate, that could still keep her away from the objects she is most likely to destroy: doors.

    Enter the baby gate. Previously, baby gates have not improved Lily’s separation anxiety, but this one is a gate you can step through, and I set it up in the hallway. That way, the barrier between Lily and the rest of the apartment is just the gate, which is made of metal, and she doesn't try to destroy it. Plus, it prevents her having the the association of gate = being left alone, since it's also being stepped through otherwise throughout the day, even when I'm home. Lily is a v small Chihuahua, so I just wedged the gate in between the walls, and I didn’t have to use the hardware it came with to drill it into the wall, since I don't have to worry about her pushing on or messing with it. It is sturdy and has help up fine with daily use. If you’re using this for a bigger dog or a human baby though, I would recommend using the hardware to install, just to be safe! The gate also comes with a lock at the top, which I never use but it could be a useful feature.

    Now Lily has unlimited access to her favorite room and ultimate safe space, the bedroom, and she is much less anxious when left alone. She knows to go right in through the gate after morning and afternoon walks, and there is no barking or drama when I leave the apartment. Seriously, this gate has changed my life! This setup is ideal for doggos who have separation anxiety, and don’t do particularly well with crates. —Francine Hendrickson

    Get it from Amazon for $32.

    9. And the softest throw blanket in the history of the world, because everyone deserves a soft AF blanket to cuddle up with, plain and simple.

    Katy Herman / BuzzFeed

    When I was little, I carried a baby blanket around with me everywhere, like many little kids do. In my teens and into my adult life, I graduated to being completely attached to a throw blanket whenever I was at home (it's a little too big for me to tote around in public, though I often feel like I could use a blanket in my office). On college breaks and before I moved, I had this one beloved blanket at home that would move with me from my desk to the couch and sometimes to the dinner table. I needed to be cozy at all times.

    When I moved into my first apartment, I needed to replicate said coziness, preferably for not a lot of moola. This Threshold blanket from Target fits the bill perfectly. It's under $15 (!!!) and fuzzy as hell. Honestly, it feels like one of those luxury stuffed animals, so when I envelop myself in it, I basically become one of those luxury stuffed animals. When I'm home, I pretty much live on my couch, and this blanket is the number one reason I never want to leave.

    The texture also looks nice as an accent in my living room, so it's NBD that I never put it away (what would be the point, when I use it for hours every day?). Plus, it's machine-washable, which is a must for someone like me who has a tendency to snack on the sofa. This throw enables my laziness in the best way possible, and I love it so very much. —Katy Herman

    Get it from Target for $10.46 (available in seven colors).

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