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    • emmarebeccal

      What about “Some Cut” by Trillville?

    • emmarebeccal

      Questionable plastic surgery aside, there are two immediately noticeable issues here: 1. Contouring. Her makeup artist needs to learn how to BLEND (See the stripe of highlighter down the center of her nose and/or the two stripes of bronzer down either side of her nose). Pick the right shade/finish of bronzer, too! Halos of matte orange along the cheekbones and at the hairline = :(. Blend, please. 2. Eyebrows. Figure out the most flattering shade/shape/arch/thickness/length/opacity and STICK TO IT. Highlighter should be used sparingly, just under the arch— not outlining the entire brow (I see you, 08/31/2006).  I’m all for experimenting with different makeup ‘looks,’ lashes, colors, etc., but if you screw up the fundamentals, you end up looking like a clown.

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