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    30 Things To Help You Welcome Summer, Even While Socially Distancing

    Including if you don't have a backyard.

    1. A watermelon cuber so spending afternoons indoors still feels summery with everyone's favorite warm-weather snack. Plus now you don't have to wrestle with it, thanks to the slicer's easy-to-use design — all you have to do is push it.

    2. A pair of roller skates, because these'll make your daily walks so. much. more. FUN! This brings whole new meaning to ~party of one~.

    A closeup of a woman wearing white roller skates with pink wheels

    3. A tie-dye sweats set for staying on top of summer trends while remaining unbeatably comfy. I don't care if no one sees me, I want to look stylish while laying on my couch all day.

    4. A compact air fryer, because this'll help you recreate all your vacation food favorites, like fried clams, zucchini fries, crispy chicken wings, you name it. Hopefully seagulls don't somehow find their way to your living room.

    5. A Yes To Grapefruit facial scrub so you can bring summer vibes even to your skincare routine, courtesy of this energizing formula of vitamin C, grapefruit, and lemon. Your mornings will feel ☀️brighter☀️ *and* your skin will be glowing, even if we're getting less sun than usual.

    6. A giant bubble wand kit that'll entertain you for hours and hours right in your backyard. Personally, I won't rest until I set a new personal best. It will be the mothership of all bubbles.

    7. A cold brew maker for celebrating the *official* season of iced coffee. Sure, the most loyal of us have been drinking it all year. But now we can start every hot morning with our favorite blend of iced joe (without having to run out to buy it).

    8. An extra large pool float to make your pool the perfect place to lounge and read all day. He's actually very good company, he won't take any of your snacks or complain when you don't share your lemonade.

    9. A fermentation kit, because this'll be a fun new project to keep you busy *and* make grilling extra rewarding now that you have homemade sauerkraut for your hot dogs and super fresh pickles.

    10. A microwave s'mores maker that'll bring the best part of campfires right to your kitchen. Your microwave is about to see more action in one night than it has all year. We won't stop until we have at least 15 s'mores.

    11. A pair of trendy sunglasses for updating your summer accessory game for cheap. They'll still be in style whenever you can make plans next, but for now they'll be a fun way to mix up the same outfits you have on rotation.

    12. A cherry pitter to make snacking on your porch more enjoyable now that you don't have to spit out pits with every bite. Nothing should distract you from reading your newest book.

    13. A high-waisted bikini so you can inexpensively treat yourself to a new bathing suit if that's usually your favorite part about summer. Sure, it's only seeing your backyard for now. But it's still 10/10 worth the 'gram.

    14. A bottle of the super popular Mike's Hot Honey that'll literally ~spice up~ all your fave homemade summer cocktails — looking at you, margaritas. And! You can use it on just about anything and everything you eat — ice cream, tacos, wings, the limit does not exist.

    15. A pair of Crocs with adorable shoe charms for *stepping* up your warm weather shoe game with a fun new twist to all your outfits. Plus! These are so darn comfy, they'll double as your slippers.

    16. A set of ice-pop molds so you always have fruity treats on hand when fighting city humidity. These + A.C. = essentials while staying in your apartment.

    17. A dog ball launcher so playing fetch out back with your best friend is instantly more entertaining. Not to mention, this'll be an easy way to make sure they're still getting a little more exercise.

    18. A pair of white distressed shorts that'll be a welcome break from your daily sweats. If you're starting to wonder what it feels like to wear "real" bottoms, these'll be a good (and still comfy) way to update all your tops at home.

    19. A classic combination of vermouth, gin, and Campari to make a timeless summer cocktail in seconds: the Negroni. No, we can't travel to Italy right now. But this'll raise our *spirits* for the evening.

    20. An indoor herb gardening kit, because this'll make all your dishes taste extra ~fresh~ *and* you'll get to enjoy gardening, even if you're still in your apartment.

    21. A bottle of Glossier's Futuredew so you can show off summer's biggest beauty trend: sun-kissed and dewy skin (even if you're spending most of your time indoors). Or! This'll ~enhance~ any time you *do* spend outside.

    22. A charcuterie board that'll help you get your summer spread ON, no matter where you're currently staying. Even if you're currently socially distancing alone (🙋‍♀️), it's extremely necessary to have a full block of cheese. I don't make the rules.

    23. A refreshing candle in the scent of freshly-cut grass for filling your apartment with a sunny weather classic — all without having mowing duty.

    24. A corn peeler and cute corn holders to still make the most of inarguably the best warm weather side dish all season long, even if you don't have a grill available.

    25. A pair of hiking boots, because these'll make it easier to tackle the harder trails so you can challenge yourself more and more every weekend. Solo adventures, here we come.

    26. A paddle ball set so you and your siblings can play some games outside without needing to invest in expensive backyard equipment. No net needed for this: just you two and the ball. AND it comes with fluorescent paddles and birdies so you can play at night!

    27. A floral sundress that'll be loose and lightweight enough to wear around the house, but still feel like a very welcome change from your pajamas. Your dog *would* like to see a fashion show, I promise.

    28. An outdoor dining set to encourage the whole family to spend more time by the lawn instead of sitting inside the entire day. Plus now you can have your meals outside!

    29. A floral ruffle romper, because this'll feel almost exactly like your go-to sweats, only breezier and trendier. Your Insta story is about to have a *lot* of mirror selfies.

    30. A wood-burning fire pit so you can end every day outside to still soak in summer nights right from your patio. And now you can use this for years to come!

    But I know this'll be me no matter what every year:

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