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    Teddie Organics' Rosehip Oil Is Already Loved By Thousands For Just About Every Skincare Goal

    $13 + almost 4,000 five-star reviews = great start for Teddie Organic's rosehip oil.

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    I think we can all agree here that we're pretty fed up with skincare that promises the world and then doesn't follow through AT ALL — and then possibly breaks us out even more. Cool!


    So when I found Teddie Organics rosehip oil ($12.99 on Amazon) that already has thousands of ~glowing~ reviews, I had to investigate. Could something under $20 really be worth the hype?


    Promising review: "I wanted to wait at least two weeks before posting to give this a chance. I had a friend come over from out of town and her skin in the past was pretty covered with acne and this time, it was glowing and her scars seemed to be mild! She told me she had been using this oil (two drops at night) and she mixed one drop with her foundation in the morning, and it has helped her immensely. I’m not usually a believer in acne stuff since I’ve tried about everything, but I can honestly say I am so glad I took the risk — my skin in two weeks has never looked better! I couldn’t go without it again in my routine!" —Ty Azevedo

    According to 3,397 five-star reviewers, it is! And it has a whopping 4.7-star rating on Amazon — pretty darn close to perfect!


    "This is the best oil and moisturizer that I have ever used!! For the past year or so, my skin will become scaly because of dryness and then when I put a moisturizer on my skin, it will become irritated, red and itchy. I decided to try this organic rosehip seed oil. The most that I could lose was less than $20 dollars, so I went for it. Well, let me tell you. Within two days, I realized that my skin was no longer irritated and red with the use of it. My skin has become much softer and it is not dried or red anymore. From now on, I will not use anything else, but this oil and add nothing to it. It greatly deserves a five stars!!" —Ann

    Its ingredients are simple to understand: 100% organic, cold-pressed rosehip oil. Yet it's the ultimate multitasker — it hydrates, brightens, reduces inflammation, and treats breakouts. Basically this is great to try if you're tired of hearing, "just cut dairy out of your life!" — how about you GET OUT OF HERE, SHARON?!

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    If you're wondering what "certified organic" means, check out our explainer in "Here's What "Certified Organic" Actually Means".

    But you don't need to listen to me! Just check out these before-and-afters from people who see results almost right away — hundreds of people with eczema and rosacea swear by this.

    "Hot dang this worked really well. I've had rosacea for about a year now. I already live and eat well so the way I manage it is by staying really hydrated. Well I just I had my first brutal rosacea flare-up. It happened Monday. This morning I got my rosehip oil in the mail. Within two hours, my skin totally eased up. Whew!! I just used it today so again not sure about longterm effect, but this is now part of my beauty routine!!! I had to do a side-by-side pic (above)!" —Jennifer O.

    Reviewers with redness LOVE this bb, because it soothes their complexions without irritating sensitive skin — plus it doesn't feel greasy!

    "This is the best moisturizer I've ever used, it's non-greasy and feels wonderful. It is ABSOLUTELY a must-have! I've been using this product for two months now consistently each day and evening and I can see a HUGE change in my skin (above)." —Amazon Customer

    It's also great for fading acne scars — something that's particularly helpful if you don't like using retinol (if your skin gets REALLY red and dried out from retinol, you might prefer this moisturizing formula).

    "I'm in love with this oil. I've had acne since graduating from high school nine years (26 now) and I've tried allllll the OTC acne washes, spot treatments, face masks, etc.. And nothing worked. This oil is like a miracle, it treats the acne, helps the scars fade, and leaves the skin soft. I've used it less than a week and I can see huge results already. I don't ever want to run out!! If you're looking for an acne solution, this is it. The hype is real!" —G Rodriguez

    And! It's gentle on breakouts, making this an *actually* soothing treatment for acne, instead of further irritating stressed-out skin. People with both dry and oily skin say this helped restore their complexion's balance!

    "I absolutely love this oil. It honestly saved my skin from acne, scarring, inflammation, and redness. I have sensitive/combo skin and it doesn't clog my pores or break me out. I started using this in the beginning of July and this is my 2.5 month progress with it (above)! I will be repurchasing once I finish my bottle. This stuff also goes A LONG WAY. I've been using it for over two months and I'm not even half way through it. I've tried so many products before that ruined my skin/made it way worse/did nothing and this is the one product that I noticed has made such a difference in my skin." —katherine

    Maybe you're sick of carrying blotting sheets everywhere you go and want a ~mattifying~ treatment — well, prepare your T-zone, because this will do just that.

    "This is liquid gold. Not only is my skin soft, but it is less red and oily, has smaller pores, and is smoother. I have tried other companies' rosehip oils and nothing compares. The picture speaks for itself (above)! The picture on the right is about two months after the first one." —Skye Cahoon

    While it may not be a one-and-done solution for cystic acne, reviewers say it does really help shorten the time it takes for extra-tough breakouts to heal!

    "As of today it has been eight months. During the end of last year, I had cystic acne. As you can tell by the before picture (above), I was having a breakout that I would consider the worst it has ever been in my life. I was looking for an oil that would fade my acne scars and I found the benefits of rose hip oil. After eight months of using this product EVERY NIGHT, I can confidently say that this has helped improved my skin. It provided the moisture my skin needed while I was taking medication for my acne, and over time I really noticed my scars fade, and I really do believe its because of the help from this product. I love this product so much and will continue to use this!" —Paige

    Basically if you're looking to brighten, tone, mattify, hydrate, or just clear your skin, this is a super popular (and cheap!) option that is definitely worth trying! You don't have to believe in miracle products, but something with almost 4,000 happy reviewers is MORE than likely to bring r-e-s-u-l-t-s.

    "I can't say enough about this product. I have acne-prone, sensitive skin and this never fails to calm, soothe, and brighten my complexion. I also use it on scars, cuticles, and my hair. It's super high quality for a great price. I'll be buying this again and again." —Amanda Reid

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in two sizes).

    And that, my friends, is the end of this investigation. May your future with this bb be ✨bright✨.


    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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