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31 Earrings That Are Cheap AF For People Who Always Lose Theirs

It's all about mixing and matching.

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1. A trendy multipack of crystal embellished studs for the cool, boho girl.


6. A stylish selection of posts for the indie beauty.


7. A dangerously cool pack of dinos that will never go extinct.

9. An array of dainty chains that emulate the grace of fine jewelry.


16. A geometric group of turquoise plus contrasting metals and crystals make a distinct design, especially when worn together.


18. A range of emoticons to express yo'self day after day.

19. A deadly chic assembly of sterling skulls to show your dark side.

21. A curation of eclectic earrings for the contemporary chica.


31. A cluster of statement earrings that leave you starry-eyed.

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