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    36 Basic Hair Tips You'll Wonder How You Lived Without

    Because we're adults now, and that means knowing how to get rid of those dang split ends, am I right?!

    1. Perfect (or learn how to even do) your at-home blowout with smooth results. The biggest thing to know? Dry by section with a large round brush to make each and every strand *shine*.

    2. If that's STILL too hard (baby steps, my friend) turn to this powerful ceramic styling brush (the InStyler Glossie). It can conquer even the thickest hair in almost no time at all. All you have to do is guide it.

    3. Don't forget about those bangs! They have their own special steps for a frizzless blowout (again: s e p a r a t e first).

    4. Prevent heat damage (SO. IMPORTANT.) when using hot styling tools by first spritzing on some CHI thermal protection spray. This one works overtime to not only guard every strand from heat and breakage, but will seal over hair cuticles to prevent future damage.

    5. Create TWO ponytails instead of just one (and layer them on top of each other) for a 'do that looks longer and fuller with just about zero effort! Bad hair days who?

    6. Nourish split ends if you're not ready for a haircut by treating them with a Dove serum. They'll be restored in strength and shine, thanks to this product's soothing oil formula.

    7. Tackle braiding your own hair by learning the timeless fishtail style in eight easy-to-remember steps. Is braiding like riding a bike? I hope so.

    8. Only apply conditioner to the bottom three-fourths of your hair and keep product away from your roots. This is especially great if you have fine hair, because it keeps it from getting greasy!

    9. Smooth over your feuds with baby hairs by simply spraying a toothbrush with hairspray to hold them down.

    10. Protect your hair, especially if it's thin and fine, by limiting your heated hair tools to 350 degrees, max. It also helps to stick to ceramic products, like this Remington straightener with titanium protection coating so there's less damage during the process.

    11. Speaking of straighteners, match the right one to your length and texture of hair to create an easier, more efficient routine. No more fighting tooth and nail to get just one straight strand!

    12. Memorize a deceivingly upscale updo (say that five times fast) that only takes ~ten minutes~ to do! Once you learn this, every fancy occasion will be a breeze.

    13. Use bobby pins *upside down* and fix the mistake you've probably been making your whole life. It's ok, we've all been there. It just holds your hair WAY better if placed correctly!

    14. Cut shampoo out of your routine if your curls constantly feel weighed down. Instead, use DevaCurl's cleansing conditioner, which'll both thoroughly wash your hair and moisturize every ringlet at the same time.

    15. Explore new looks without going the lengths if you're feeling bored with your look — but aren't ready to commit. A faux bob takes five easy steps but makes a lasting impression. Best part? Come morning, you're back to you!

    16. Know that one dry shampoo isn't for everyone — it totally depends on your kind of hair! Dove Refresh and Care works especially well on finer hair, while Batiste is well-known for conquering heavier 'dos.

    17. Find the perfect part placement that truly flatters your face shape. The most universally pleasing is the side part (below)!

    18. Don't shell out major cash over and over again to color your hair — make it last! Use color-safe products like L'Oréal Ever Pure shampoo and conditioner that'll protect your precious locks from fading prematurely.

    19. Win the battle against flyways by simply spraying your hands with hairspray and running them through your hair. This works great for updos, too!

    20. Master the art of the bun, but with a twist. No one needs to know all it really takes is a handy bun-maker tie that does all the work for you.

    21. Or, if you're feeling little more ambitious, braid a low ponytail and wrap it around into a bun (in just four easy steps!).

    22. Make your own blow drying techniques match that of a pro's by setting the hairdryer on low and aiming from the top, NOT the side of your head. This will make every stand look sleek and polished!

    23. Take a page from the Kardashian playbook and magically grow a long, sleek mane overnight with nothing more than clip-on extensions.

    24. Don't despair if your hair looks like it's reached a place of no return thanks to bleaching and heat styling. Bring life back to it without a hefty salon charge by using an Olaplex at-home hair repair treatment.

    25. Identify which curling iron is best for you based on design and outcome: Ceramic styles focus on minimized damage and even heat distribution while tourmaline products promise to leave hair shiny. And titanium wands know that all you really want is to stop snagging your own damn hair.

    26. Remove dulling components (aka product buildup) that you probably didn't even know impact your shine by using Neutrogena's anti-residue shampoo. This is seriously like a breath of fresh air for your entire head.

    27. Save your hair (particularly if it's curly) from breaking by drying it in a cotton T-shirt. It's much gentler and will stop any broken ends from happening.

    28. Scrub away dandruff and dullness with a shampoo brush — it'll gently deep-clean your scalp so every strand of hair gets the ultimate restoration.

    29. Wash afros once every seven to ten days to avoid drying out (but rinse your hair in water every day). If you find your hair is actually more on the oily side, switch to washing it twice a week.

    30. Assign the proper brush to your *hair goals*. Some are great for some extra bounce and glossiness, while others will help you smooth your bangs!

    31. Give your hair a break from hot styling tools in favor of a damage-free option: a pack of twist flex rods. Same look, happier hair.

    32. Try a hand (or strand?) at a no-brainer DIY dry shampoo recipe. Saving money? Successfully avoiding washing hair yet another night? YES 👏 PLEASE 👏.

    Facebook: video.php

    What you'll need for light hair: Cornstarch ($1.99 on Amazon), baking soda ($0.99 on Amazon), and essential oils ($10.10 on Amazon).

    What you'll need for dark hair: Cornstarch ($1.99 on Amazon, unsweetened cocoa powder ($5.99 on Amazon), and essential oils ($10.10 on Amazon).

    Check out the whole video for the tutorial.

    33. Give your hair more volume with nothing more than BrioGeo volumizing conditioner while in the shower if you hate the thought of styling your hair yourself. Its dual-action formula (comprised of ginseng and biotin) promotes healthier hair by starting at the source: your scalp.

    34. *Poof* yourself into a great hair day by teasing the middle layers of your 'do to add some major volume and save the drama for your selfie... NOT your morning.

    35. Study this general guide to learn the proper order in which to use your hair products. Like everything else in life, there's a time and place for everything (unless we're talking about cake, because that's just all the time).

    36. That being said, your routine should slightly differ based on your hair texture! You're obviously aware that curly hair needs different products than straight — but do you know the *order* in which to apply them?

    Of course, we all know the cardinal rule:

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