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    39 Beautiful Gifts For People Who Only Want To Wear Lingerie

    They won't keep their excitement ~under wraps~!

    1. An embroidered lace lingerie set complete with a bra, underwear, thigh-high socks, and garter for going all out when it comes to feeling their best.

    2. A sheer lace teddy so they only need this one-and-done outfit to wow the heck out of their partner. Easy AND sexy?! Unreal.

    3. A lace-trim velvet bralette and shorts set that'll be comfortable enough for them to sleep in — their love for fancy undergarments never rests, after all.

    4. A lace racerback bralette with plenty of support, because they'll end up wearing this number 24/7 and chucking all their overused bras away.

    5. A sheer off-the-shoulder floral bodysuit so their confidence is in *full bloom* the minute they slip this on.

    6. A pair of high-waisted lace briefs to give them a retro, one-of-a-kind twist on their favorite clothing.

    7. A lace bodysuit that'll look amazing both alone and with bottoms — OBVIOUSLY they'll want to show this off all the time.

    8. A chemise slip, because feeling extra sexy and comfortable at the same time will be a very real thing when they put this on.

    9. An embroidered bra and panty set for making it seem like you bought them designer lingerie without the steep price. I'll keep this between us.

    10. A multi-pack of soft lace hipster underwear so they can wear upscale bottoms every day without worrying about wedgies. Thongs who?

    11. A long-sleeved no-wire crop top that'll allow their love of lingerie to see the light of day — or should I say night, when paired with black jeans.

    12. A sheer lace gown and thong combo, because this'll be the gift that keeps on giving when they wear the robe around the clock.

    13. A Calvin Klein velvet bralette and underwear for making them wonder how it's possible to feel this fancy with zero ~restrictions~.

    14. A fishnet bodysuit so they'll forget they ever heard the words "La Perla." But can you strongly imply without lying that this was expensive? Of course.

    15. A highly-rated unlined bra perfect for anyone who wants to feel like Marie Antoinette when they get dressed in the morning.

    16. A sparkly metallic set that'll easily make any of their outfits feel extra upscale, all with the comfort of a sports bra and soft undies. And they never thought they'd see the day...

    17. A plunging lace teddy, because they're looking to get on the Naughty List and you're more than happy to help.

    18. A satin nightgown with embellished details for giving a whole new meaning to beauty sleep — I believe you just made them the fairest of them all.

    19. A set of thigh-high fishnet stockings so the rest of their ensemble gets a show-stopping twist. Can you IMAGINE bending and snapping in these?! It must happen.

    20. A non-padded underwire bra that'll prove full, comfortable support for DD+ breasts has never looked sexier.

    21. A strappy bralette and high-waisted underwear set, because this'll make them feel ultra luxurious, starting with their intimates. So basically like every day, except even MORE SO now.

    22. A velvet star slip for setting them up for a universe of compliments — mainly from themselves as they look with glee in the mirror.

    23. A lace bralette they'll feel *extra* dressed up in, starting with their undergarments. Basically they'll say "ooh la la" when looking at themselves, and not when you look at your bill.

    24. A convertible balconette or plunge bra to cleverly make them think of you all the time when they 100% wear this every darn day.

    25. A floral lace nightgown so they can live a certain lifestyle called "go to sleep, but make it fashion."

    26. A delicate triangle bralette and underwear that'll cause them to create their own runway, aka the sidewalk. Does this count as public nudity? TBD.

    27. A silk pajama set, because even when they're lounging at home they definitely desire a fancy look.

    28. A satin and lace demi bra for something that won't only go halfway when it comes to providing support and looking high-end.

    29. A plunging embroidered teddy so a ~jaw-dropping~ effect is guaranteed — from them, as they open their gift.

    30. A cheeky panty that'll make them want to show these off to the world — no if, and, or butt.

    31. A bustier corset and adjustable garters, because this'll help them ~crack the whip~ on sexy dressing without blowing all their (or rather your) money.

    32. A lace thong bodysuit for something they'll never want to turn their back on — I suppose they live in this now.

    33. A lacy satin slip with adjustable straps so they can make a smooth transition into nighttime.

    34. A loose V-neck bodysuit that'll demand to be worn as much as possible thanks to its versatility — and they will be happy to comply.

    35. A two-piece lace set, because this will meet them in the middle when it comes to finding something relaxed but sexy to rock.

    36. A velvet slip so they look forward to bedtime every night — unless they choose to just wear this all day and night. Who could blame them?

    37. A V-neck floral lingerie set that'll make them can say "presto, outfit complete" when getting ready for a big night — or just to feel sexy while lounging on the couch.

    38. A nude lace bra to make sure they enjoy delicate undergarments even when wearing white T-shirts — so long, boring basics.

    39. A paisley nightgown, because they'll quickly see a pattern on how much happier they feel when they get ready for bed.

    How they'll be walking around in their fancy lingerie:

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