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    23 Easy AF Cookbooks Anyone Who's Bad At Cooking Should Own

    So...... how do I turn the stove on? The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

    1. The Hungover Cookbook is exactly what everybody needs on Sunday morning when their brains are less than functional.

    2. Instant Pot Obsession is great for anyone loving the pressure cooking trend, but who needs step-by-step instructions.

    3. Back to Basics, by everyone's all-time favorite, simplifies Ina's typically extravagant meals into more approachable dishes.

    4. Good and Cheap was created for people living on food stamps, but is also widely used as a tool for strict budgeting without sacrificing healthy eating.

    5. How to Cook Everything is exactly what it sounds like: a huge array of anything you can think of, in recipes that anyone can conquer.

    6. A Modern Way to Cook breaks vegetarians out of mundane routines and introduces fresh, exciting new recipes.

    7. Five Ingredient Recipes is pretty self-explanatory: Take an extremely small amount of groceries and turn 'em into something wonderful.

    8. Joy of Cooking was a favorite of Julia Child's, and will transport you back to making meatballs with your mother.

    9. The Can't Cook Book will take you by the hand mid-panic attack and reassure you that you can, indeed, chop onions.

    10. The Healthy College Cookbook may be intended for students, but can easily be useful to the young adult cooking in their first small apartment.

    11. Thug Kitchen 101 teaches you how to be a bad-ass in the kitchen with one baby step at a time.

    12. One Pot comes from the authorities of all things cooking to help us lazy folk fancily dump everything into the same bowl.

    13. Lucky Peach is for the repeat Seamless offender who wants to learn how to master the art of replacing takeout.

    14. Quick and Easy makes healthy recipes actually approachable with clear instructions and accessible ingredients.

    15. Minimalist Baker's Everyday Cooking is for the budding vegan who's also dipping their toe in that gluten-free life.

    16. The "I Don't Know How To Cook" Book makes sure every instruction is fool-proof for the person who messes up boiling water.

    17. Damn Delicious offers fast recipes for the person on the go, but who also wants to enjoy their meals.

    18. The Cake Bible is the holy grail to anyone who wants to become a master baker without the culinary degree.

    19. Easy Gourmet teaches you how to throw a killer dinner party without the meltdowns and overpriced groceries.

    20. 100 Recipes is literally that many creations for anyone who's yet to get down the basics of cooking.

    21. Easy Mexican Food Favorites lets you live your best, cheesy life without constantly eating out.

    22. Voilà! Effortless French Cookbook understands that not everyone is Ratatouille, and needs simplified versions of refined culinary.

    23. The Haven's Kitchen Cooking School is your 101 to gaining critical skills that'll last a lifetime.

    You're doing great, sweetie.

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