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    30 Of The Best Personalized Or Custom Gifts You Can Get On Amazon

    Make it thoughtful, but also extremely easy to buy on Amazon.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A star map print with a gorgeous representation of how the sky looked on an important day, be it an anniversary, birthday, the day you two met, WHATEVER. You're about to put Jim from The Office to s-h-a-m-e when it comes to romantic gestures.

    2. A set of customizable stickers that'll let them stick their face (or pet's face) on just about anything they'd like — try to "borrow" their charger now.

    3. A set of photo coasters with slots for personal snapshots so each gathering around the coffee table will be a trip down memory lane. Oh, who only put pictures of me? So strange.

    4. A personalized acceptance letter to Hogwarts for making yourself a keeper — always. Of course, now you need to take them to London and find Platform 9 ¾. Don't ever tell them this isn't real, even if they get suspicious.

    5. An engraved Italian leather phone case wallet, because this'll be perfect for the friend who'll definitely use a fancy wristlet as an excuse to never be away from their phone. I suppose that's all of us, TBH.

    6. A family tree chart you should fill out yourself before gifting to win even MORE gold stars. Think of yourself as Detective Holiday Spirit, here to track down great-great-grandma.

    7. A personalized pet tag, because obviously every dog is on the Nice List and deserves their own gift. Not to mention every floof should have your number attached to 'em *justtttt* in case they run away to chase Rudolph.

    8. A monogrammed drinking glass in styles great for beer, wine, and whiskey lovers alike. Pick the beginning letter of their first name to be engraved on a hand-polished crest so they'll officially be able to mark their ~territory.~

    9. An engraved ballpoint pen and gold-plated letter opener set that'll a) look like you took a trip to Montblanc and b) make them look important AF, even if they sit at a cubicle.

    10. An engraved wooden cutting board so they can feel like royalty while hopefully cooking for only you — loyalty is important.

    11. A zodiac constellation necklace with sparkling crystals and an optional monogrammed charm for pleasing even the biggest Scorpio.

    12. A custom story book, because each page will display gorgeous illustrations and a clever storyline about needing ~certain letters~ to save a local circus. The best part of all: when they get to the end, they'll discover their full name was the special power all along!

    13. A hand-stamped aluminum spiral wrap ring that'll engrave your two names together and technically put a ring on them this holiday season. Should you do this for your work wife? Obviously.

    14. A pair of athletic socks with your favorite player's team numbers — maybe now you'll actually be able to keep track of them during games.

    15. An engraved vegan leather flask set so you can give them something they'll want to be joined at the *hip* with — only because it looks so darn classy, of course!

    16. A personalized metal cuff bracelet stamped with anything from names, dates, or coordinates for putting *your* heart on *their* sleeve. I promise they'll reciprocate!

    17. A hand-poured soy candle displaying a ~heart map~ of where you and your S.O. met, because this'll be the perfect excuse to say "come on baby light my fire," and if they don't get it just break up with them.

    18. A custom marble spiral notebook that'll definitely motivate them to get more organized come 2019 — just let them live out their procrastination for another month.

    19. An engraved amber glass beer growler so everyone else is forced to brew over how impersonal their gifting was this year. It's not easy being the best in the family.

    20. A personalized wooden spoon for really ~stirring up~ heartfelt feelings. All together now: "Awwwwwww."

    21. A personalized cheese board (in either slate or wood), because this'll be a gouda way to demand cheese every time you visit them. Though I doubt you'd be friends with someone who doesn't automatically give you cheese — the HORROR.

    22. A baby football onesie to teach them how to be a team player early, aka say your name FIRST.

    23. A wooden wine and beer opener that'll make sure they never have to choose between the two — it's the holidays, why not have both?

    24. A heart-warming mug so whoever you miss most can feel like you're both getting through your first cup of coffee together.

    25. A monogrammed stationary set for making their to-do lists look less intimidating and more stately. Just need to find an affordable royal secretary....

    26. A pair of 18K white-gold-plated cufflinks, because this'll be even better than an expensive trip to Brooks Brothers. James Bond would be impressed.

    27. An initialed folded paper book that'll become their favorite story to tell for years to come. It's carefully made with folded pages from recycled books!

    28. A leather catchall tray with any phrase, date, or name you'd like so you'll be the one they thank when they never forget their keys again.

    29. An embroidered cotton apron for anyone who always makes you dishes that are just *kisses fingers*. Hopefully they use this as motivation to cook even MORE amazing meals.

    30. A sterling silver long-distance necklace with one state engraved into another, because now they can literally always keep you close to their heart.

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