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    Bellesa Boutique Is Having A Sex Toy Sale And You Could Say I'm ~Satisfied~

    25% off crowd-pleasing vibrators and more when you use our ~BuzzFeed exclusive~ promo code.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Friends! Foes! Everyone in-between! Did you know that Bellesa Boutique is having a major 25% off sale on all your favorite vibrators, sex toys, butt plugs, and MORE?!

    Just enter our exclusive promo code "BUZZFEED25" at checkout!

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    1. A dual-stimulating vibrator with ~seven~ vibration modes for proving multitasking really can be a rewarding activity. It's designed to maximize *both* G-spot and clit stimulation, meaning this thing is seriously on a power trip (but you'll love it).

    2. A *triple* vibrator that'll teach you multitasking CAN be satisfying — at least when it comes to stimulating both your G-spot and clit with ~seven~ intensities for blended orgasms.

    3. A best-selling vibrator so beginners can easily join in on the fun. Its design needs only one button, making it super simple to control and explore with. Oh would you look at that — all your Friday night plans just disappeared.

    4. A weighted butt plug to provide ~pressure stimulation~ to heighten pleasure and intensify orgasms during sex or masturbation. Plus, it's ergonomically designed to slide in easily and stay in place comfortably — meaning you'll only know it's there in the best way possible.

    5. A clitoral-stimulating vibrator, because it's time to test out how thick your apartment walls really are. Its wildly popular design acts as a ~sensual vacuum~ by delivering waves and pulsations around your clit — someone get us to the church on time, because we are MARRYING this crowd pleaser.

    6. A vibrating cock ring that'll be clingy in all the right ways. It makes *both parties* happy by delivering waves of vibrations, proving three isn't too much of a crowd after all.

    7. A powerful dual vibrator for anyone who's ready to earn their black belt in the bedroom. It reaches both your clit and G-spot with powerful twin motors, aka you're about to cancel a heck of a lot plans. It's you two against the world now.

    8. A Nimbus vibrator (that's right), because even beginners will be able to comfortably ~ride~ this to feel its magic touch. And yes — you WILL be taken to new heights.

    9. An entry-level vibrator so beginners feel totally in control while exploring. It may be small (and cute???), but it is MIGHTY. Prepare to welcome your clitoris to a whole new world of pleasure — sorry, fingers.

    10. A clitoral vibrator with a whopping ~11 vibrations~ to simulate oral sex — or dare I say, IMPROVE it? You can apply the focused waves of pleasure *exactly* where you want it — and all from the tub.

    11. A kegel ball training set that'll strengthen your pelvic muscles to help you climax more easily and with greater intensity. They're beginner-friendly and come in three different weights so you can work your way up — and closer to mind-shattering orgasms. This may the closest I'll ever get to exercising — but it has they greatest payoff!

    12. A hand-crafted glass dildo so you can explore entirely new ways to discover pleasure, thanks to its ability to change temperatures. Suddenly our microwave doesn't only make our bellies happy...

    13. A uniquely-shaped vibrator for achieving a wide variety of orgasms, whether you prefer to use it vibrating head on your clitoris or its curved tip for hitting your G-spot. Or heck, make time for both! It even has a flared base for anal use. Talk about a multitasker.

    14. A declarative T-shirt with an objective fact. COME AT ME, BREEZE.

    15. A curved massager that'll be great for both sexual stimulation *and* relieving cramps. Its curved tip reaches your G-spot, while also giving you full control to massage sore spots.

    16. A prostate massager to end the night feeling just 🍑-y when you orgasm harder than you ever have before.

    17. A wildly popular clitoral stimulator for finding your ~sweet spot~ in about two minutes flat (if that). Its silicone head is designed to feel practically custom-made while it delivers mind-blowing waves and pulsations. AND it's as quiet as it is powerful.

    18. A wildly popular clitoral stimulator for finding your ~sweet spot~ in about two minutes flat (if that). Its silicone head is designed to feel practically custom-made while it delivers mind-blowing waves and pulsations. AND it's as quiet as it is powerful.

    19. A genuine leather vibrator, because this'll make every night "endless orgasms, but make it luxury". Its tip is made of medical-grade liquid silicone to greet your clitoris with pure opulence — does it deserve anything less? Traditional oral sex is in danger once you become acquainted with this fancy bb.

    20. A vibrating wand toy for combining pleasurable nights in with ~affordable luxury~, because you shouldn't have to blow your entire paycheck in the name of memorable orgasms. It's sleek, easy to use, and can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere — including your bath.

    21. A water-based lubricant that'll feel natural, won't stain, and is totally body-safe (not to mention compatible with condoms and sex toys). Win, win, and WIN.

    Don't forget to explore the rest of their amazing selection! And be sure to enter promo code "BUZZFEED25" at checkout for that 25% off *and* free shipping!

    Approximately two minutes after using your new vibrator:

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