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Mar 29, 2017

Here’s What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: an elephant teapot, a Hogwarts Haggadah, a froggy urinal, and more!

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

Amazon has a list of products called "Movers and Shakers," which is pretty much just fancy talk for things that are currently ~trending~.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful things found on the list this week:

1. A Harry Potter–themed Haggadah because no one is wiser or more qualified to lead a Seder than Dumbledore.

Promising review: "First I have to say how utterly beautiful the book looks. Each page is in full color with clean and attractive illustrations and a great color scheme. The book contains all the text, in Hebrew and English, that you would expect to find in a Haggadah, along with short bits of commentary relating each part of the seder to a concept in Harry Potter. I particularly enjoyed the parallels between the four Hogwarts houses and the four children in the seder." —Julia O'Connell

Price: $16.77

2. An electric can opener smoother than the catcalls of 100 construction workers.

Promising review: "This can opener works as smooth as silk. You put the can under the holding bar, press the lever, and lo and behold, your can is opened without any sharp edges because it cuts the can from the side and not from the top. No more struggling with those stupid blades found on typical can openers and all the goo that clings to the blade after you open a can." —Frank Forrest

Price: $29.92

3. A set of six packs of Neutrogena makeup wipes for the price of two.

Promising review: "Best invention ever. Period. This is great! So easy to remove my makeup quickly without a lot of fuss. Before, especially after coming home super late, I'd groan at the prospect of removing my makeup. Now it's just a breeze with these wipes. They completely take off every trace of makeup, including waterproof anything and leave my skin soft and glowing, not greasy." —Nightwitch

Price: $22.79

4. A friendly elephant who wants to make your garden her new watering hole.

Promising review: "The elephant watering can is adorable. It makes me smile to see her sitting patiently alongside my plants, waiting for her big moment." —DanceHistorian

Price: $3.49

5. A baking pan so you can eat as many donuts as you'd like in your very own home.

Promising review: "Made several types of donuts with these and they turn out great every time. Clean up is easy and they don't take up much room in storage. Recommend!" —codered1126

Price: $12.99

6. A dog or cat brush for your lovable — but shedding — friend.

Promising review: "I am the mama of two beautiful cats and a standard chihuahua. When I sweep my wood floors, I sweep up a muppet. When I saw this little comb it was like the clouds parted and the angels began to sing. I was shocked by how much fur I was able to collect off of my short haired chihuahua.

Chirpy Pets, you've got a customer for life. I would be singing your praises from a mountain if there was a mountain nearby." —Meagan

Price: $15.99

7. A kimono that comes in ~16~ colors and patterns so you can live in stylish comfort.

Promising review: "Love it. I want to get more in other colors. I got so many compliments!! I worry ordering clothing online but the lace on this is very well made. I am plus size so I ordered a 2x and it is nice and 'flowy'." —Jamie

Price: $9.99–$15.99

8. A comedic book by the self-proclaimed "professional shade thrower" with hilarious commentary on topics like gender politics and Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

Promising review: "Don't misunderstand the title or the "Do-Better Manual" blurb, this book is more like the love child of a no-holds-barred conversation with a good friend about all the stuff that annoys you in a room with thick walls. Luvvie speaks her truth and you can't help feeling like parts of it are your truth too." —Amanda M.

Price: $7.19 for paperback or $9.99 for Kindle

9. A whimsical, glow-in-the-dark play castle that also fits adults...just saying.

Promising review: "I got this as a Christmas gift for my niece and she loved it. It's bigger and of better quality than expected, and it's quite sturdy. I am 5'11" and fit in the tent pretty easily, so if you wanted to read a book in there with the kid or play dolls or whatever there is plenty of room. Great value!" —Nathan Noland

Price: $18.99

10. An adorable training potty that does NOT fit adults, so please don't try.

Promising review: "My 2.5-year-old was not thrilled about peeing in the potty. This made it a game and he can't wait to pee in the froggy!" —Stephanie

Price: $13.99

11. A universally flattering skirt in *nine* shades for your dream closet of rainbows and tulle.

Promising review: "NOT DISAPPOINTED. I must say, I've seen women from all different sizes rock this skirt from casual to glam and I'm glad I purchased it. A must for any wardrobe. P.S. It has pockets!!!!" —Jasmin Johnson

Price: $19.99

12. A couple of travel toothbrushes for a fast pack (sadly they won't help you unpack your bag from two weeks ago).

Promising review: "I bought this travel toothbrush because I was tired of wrapping my toothbrush in a ziplock bag or a hard case when I traveled. The bristles are really good quality and the flipping mechanism works great." —Kevin

Price: $5.98

13. A collection of stationary so gorgeous you almost actually *want* to write that thank-you note to Grandma. Almost.

Promising review: "Just got these cards in the mail to write thank-you notes for my engagement party. They are absolutely gorgeous! The cards are very sturdy and the colors are vibrant. I'm in love with them." —Stacey

Price: $12.95

14. An eye gel that gently lifts and refreshes pesky dark circles.

Promising review: "Amazed that this product actually works! I'm 73 and in the last 4-5 years realized I've inherited my dad's eyes...not pretty. I started using this Baebody cream five days ago, and find myself looking in the mirror to confirm I'm not imagining the amazing results. Bags gone! I'm still 73, but a younger looking 73!" —PitkinGirl

Price: $23.95

15. An aluminum water bottle in 10 designs because there's never a dull moment when saving the Earth.

Promising review: " I just purchased this bottle for my daughter to take to school so her water stays cold for the whole day, and it does stay cold. She loves it so much. It is also lightweight so when you fill it up with water it's not as heavy as you think. Great purchase." —Dayana

Price: $18.95

16. A block set of rose gold knives to really class up the takeout menu display.

Promising review: "Love love love this knife set!! I was looking for knives to match my copper/rose gold kitchen flatware and accessories and these are just perfect! I get TONS of compliments on them because they are so unique!" —Maegan W

Price: $2.93

17. An assortment of nail-dotting pens for making your manicures a work of art.

Promising review: "These are really great for nail art. I love the weight that each one has so that it is a little easier to keep steady. These have taken my nail art to a whole new level. The metal on them seems to be very durable and they have worked through all the wear and tear that I have been putting on them. I think that these will last for quite awhile." —Aunt Busy

Price: $1

18. A package of sculpting clay that — if paired with wine and a couple hours — may have you opening your own Etsy shop.

Promising review: "The Polyform Sculpey Original Oven-Baking Clay was a required item for an art class I'm taking in college. I chose this brand because it was a great price for the amount of product. If a first-timer like me can pull this off, you can too! This brand was actually recommended by my professor." —Jana

Price: $8.98

19. A cactus soil mix for those of us without green thumbs.

Promising review: "I have used this potting soil for years with a variety of plants from aloes to spider plants to shady water loving plants with great results. All my plants are happy and none have died from sogginess or root rot. I am very pleased with this potting soil and LOVE being able to buy online. I don't have a car so transporting soil from the store has always been a pain in my...arms." —No Name

Price: $10

All these goods. So little $$$.


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The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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