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    33 Fun Things To Try That Have Nothing To Do With A Screen

    "Sorry, busy eating homemade cheese and filling out Schitt's Creek quarantine-themed coloring pages." —your out-of-office reply

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A gorgeous pastel paint-by-number with an end result so beautiful you'll want to frame it in the front hall — nay, tack it right to the front door. Wreaths are for squares.

    a painting of a single pink flower in a clear jar propped on a rustic table in a kitchen

    Each set comes with a detailed numbered outline, three brushes, and a set of numbered acrylic paints with extra to spare.

    Promising review: "I loved this painting! I was weird that it wouldn’t look right but it turned out perfect! Way more than enough paint! Some lighter colors you had to go over twice." —Anonymous

    Get it from Amazon for $16.79.

    2. A copy of The Book of Myself: A Do-It-Yourself Autobiography in 201 Questions that's perfect for any stage of life, if you're looking for something structured and soothing to do that will also help you preserve your favorite memories.

    The cover of "The Book of Myself: A Do-It-Yourself Autobiography in 201 Questions," by Carl and David Marshall
    Hachette Books

    This book is a kind of DIY memoir — it goes through three phases of "Early," "Middle," and "Later" years, and has 201 different prompts based on your memories, experiences, and views on the world. Prompts include things like what you would have switched careers to midway through if given the chance, or a present you got from your parents that sticks in your memory, or who you think the funniest person in your family is. This also makes for a lovely gift for family members, so you can all preserve each other's memories!

    Get it from Amazon for $9.89 or from Bookshop (to support local bookstores) for $13.80.

    3. Plus a set of eye-popping fine point pens designed for planners and journals, so you can keep your ink as fresh as your thoughts.

    A set of pens in 10 rainbow colors
    The Fine Print Paperie/Etsy

    The Fine Print Paperie is a California-based, Black woman-owned Etsy shop established in 2011 that specializes in bold, bright and beautiful paper, planner decor, and pens.

    Promising review: "These markers are great! I use them in my bullet journal on a weekly basis and absolutely love them." —Julianna Froemel

    Get it from The Fine Print Paperie on Etsy for $10.49.

    4. A teensy make-your-own cheese set with everything you need to learn to make three to five batches of of farmer's cheese and live your most delicious life in under an hour.

    Urban Cheesecraft/Etsy

    Urban Cheesecraft is an Oregon-based Etsy shop established in 2009 that specializes in make-your-own cheese kits in a variety of cheeses, including vegan options. Each kit comes with a cheesecloth, citric acid, flake salt, instructions, and "email support for life" — all you need is milk (and a mouth to consume it all).

    Promising review: "Amazing little kit to help us start out our cheese making experience! Cheese tasted amazing!" —Brittney Forest

    Get it from Urban Cheesecraft on Etsy for $14.

    5. Plus a make-your-own wine kit, complete with everything you need to make a full gallon of your own premium Pinot Grigio. Now you just have to think of a fancy vineyard name for your brew and you'll be raring to go.

    A glass of wine poured from the box provided by the kit

    Mine is "Watermelon Sugar Wines," thanks for asking. Also, each set comes with a fermenting bag, yeast pack, fining agents, oak, wine serving bag and box, and winemaking juice — all you need to do is follow the instructions to combine the ingredients, and wait three weeks for the magic to happen.

    Promising review: "Bought this for a gift for my girlfriend and she absolutely loved it. I ended up helping with the processing and it was a really fun experience. Plus, the finished product was AMAZING!" —Questionnaire

    Get it from Amazon for $21.99.

    6. The Drinking Animals Coloring Book, which will take you on a *delightful* journey of animals doing just that. Can I get anyone a Llamarita?

    The cover of the coloring book, which has a llama drinking a cocktail

    Extremely bonus: it actually comes with cocktail recipes in the coloring book, so you can keep your beverages on theme for booze-and-color nights.

    Promising review: "I've taken up some silly hobbies while in quarantine. Coloring has been one of them. I love each picture these are so cute and fun. I didn't realize that there were actual ingredients in the book so that was an added surprise. I like the book. It's a two-in-one." —Taylor Rutledge

    Get it from Amazon for $7.97.

    7. Or a quarantine-themed Schitt's Creek coloring book download for anyone whose lockdown is feeling ~a little bit Alexis~.

    Five Schitt's Creek-themed prints with text
    Signet Sealed/Etsy

    Signet Sealed is a Texas-based Etsy shop established in 2015 that specializes in city-themed water colors and downloadable coloring pages.

    Promising review: "Super fun, easy to print. Very satisfied with purchase." —Paige Wynne

    Get it from Signet Sealed on Etsy for $3.

    8. A beginner-friendly cross-stitch kit with everything you need to create your own 2020 mood board.

    An embroidered dumpster on fire that says 2020
    Grandma Be Wildin'/Etsy

    Grandma Be Wildin' is an California-based Etsy shop established in 2020 that specializes in DIY meme-based cross-stitches and vintage style pieces.

    Each set includes instructions, a stitch pattern, embroidery floss in nine colors, the embroidery hoop and cloth, and a needle.

    Promising review: "LOVED this little stitch!! So cute and fun and it has been a great way to pass the time during this quarantine. Perfect for beginners." —Cindie Ellis

    Get it from Grandma Be Wildin' on Etsy for $24.77.

    9. A microgreens growing kit for beginners that comes in two forms — one that grows grass that cats LOVE, and another for garnishing on human food. These also happen to be *perfect* for small spaces with low lighting, so you can have your plants and eat them, too.,

    Promising review: "It grew! And I didn't kill it! I suck at keeping plants alive, or even getting them to grow in the first place, but this cat grass grew fast and adds a nice pop of green to my lanai. My cats and dogs love it. The seeds started sprouting within a day of planting and I had 4-inch tall grass within three days of planting. The description did describe it as 'just add water' but the instructions are actually slightly more complicated than that, but still simple enough for even a kiddo to be able to figure it out. I would definitely buy it again." —sillylilly

    Get it from Amazon: the cat grass for $11.99 and the microgreens for $11.99 (available in four varieties).

    10. A Baby Yoda puzzle that essentially proves that the human heart is made up of 500 pieces, and those 500 pieces make up this tiny creature's perfect face., Amazon

    *Hamilton voice* "Look at my SON ..."

    Promising review: "Probably the most lit and productive thing I've done in my spare time during these times of quarantine. 10/10 would recommend this puzzle for people looking for something to do indoors that doesn't involve staring at a TV or video games all day. I did the puzzle alone, took roughly six hours (unsure if that's fast or slow, maybe I'm not the quickest puzzle assembler - still felt pretty good about myself though). Since we realistically don't have a whole lot going on in our free time nowadays, this puzzle was worth the time/challenge, and fun! Will order more puzzles in the near future. Stay safe and wash your hands everyone!!" —Toby Rutkowski

    Get it from Amazon for $9.90.

    11. A set of Table Topics cards perfect for sitting around the dinner table or spending a rainy afternoon on a catchup Zoom with friends. Each card comes with a thought-provoking question for everyone to take turns answering, and with a bunch of different themed sets, you'll def find one ideal for your gathering.


    There are 22 full sets available, ranging from general topics to themed ones like Dinner Party, Date Night, Family Gathering, Teens, and Travel.

    Promising review: "My partner and I are currently long-distance and rely on daily Skype calls to keep in touch. It occurred to me that we could be spending this time getting to know each other better rather than just talking about our respective days at work, what we had for lunch, what we're each watching on Netflix etc. I wasn't sure if he would be into the idea but he likes this activity as much if not more than I do. It's amazing the things you realize you don't know about somebody and would never in a million years think to ask, but can be so revealing. Last round we drew 'Would you rather be the best player on a losing team, or the worst player on a winning team?' and the things he brought up as he was reasoning through his answer just reminded me how much I admire about his character. It might sound crazy that we are getting this much out of this simple game but communication is all we have available to connect with each other and this is really working for us. I'll definitely order more cards when we get through these and I plan to keep them on our dinner table when we are one day living in the same location — always more to learn!" —LMdC

    Get it from Amazon for $25 (available in 22 themed sets).

    12. A waterproof and portable inflatable lounger so easy to use that it'll feel like you found a cheat code for life — you literally just hold onto it and snap it into the air, letting the wind fill it up. Perfect for when you just plain don't trust yourself *not* to gravitate toward a screen, so you can take your book or other screen-free hobby into the great outdoors.

    Models sitting in pink and blue inflatable loungers

    It only weighs 2 pounds and fits neatly into a bag when you let the air back out of it, and once it's inflated, it has a head rest and a side pocket for stashing things like glasses, snacks, and books.

    Promising review: "We were wonderfully surprised how comfortable and easy to inflate these chairs were. After buying the first one and having our kids fight over it, we decided to go back and buy three more, so everyone in the family could lounge in comfort. They fold up small enough to where you can comfortably carry all four in a small shopping bag or tote. They can be inflated by just holding them in the direction of the wind on a brisk day or by running around in a big circle on a calm day. They have been a lifesaver during the stay at home/quarantine period this spring. We haven't tried them on water yet, but they claim to function as rafts as well. We're looking forward to using them during our next beach trip." —RipOff

    Get it from Amazon for $41.98+ (available in 14 colors).

    13. A sushi-making kit that'll let you take the fate of your rolls into your own hands by working with whatever ingredients you have on hand, so you can have hours of delicious sushi experimentation.,

    I'm definitely going to sushi jail for this, but I've started putting peanut butter in my avocado rolls. Don't knock it until you try it. Anyway, each kit comes with two sushi rolling mats, five pairs of chopsticks, a paddle, a spreader, and a PDF of instructions, including recipes for six popular rolls.

    Promising review: "The entire Bamboo Sushi Kit is absolutely well made, easy to use, easy to clean, high-end restaurant quality, and durable. it was very nicely packaged, and instructions clear, in-depth and very easy to follow. No one (myself included) in my household has ever made sushi before but (thanks to the enclosed instructions), there were no issues making it. My daughter did an awesome job utilizing these products to make 'FISH-FREE SUSHI' with Pickled Ginger on top, was delectable! Finally, I highly recommend this set. It comes at a small cost but don't let that deter you — the quality and overall aforementioned features is undoubtedly above and beyond excellent, thus (IMO), it is the perfect product! Loooooove it!" —Liza

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99.

    14. A waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker with a hook that attaches right to your curtains or a suction cup to stick it on your tiles, so you can boogie in the shower or go full Folklore in the bath with some candles burning., Amazon

    Psst — you can also taking this hiking or camping in the rain and strap it right to your backpack, or use it by the pool!

    Promising review: "I bought this portable Insmy Bluetooth speaker because I needed one that I could use in my shower plus when it rains I could use it outside and not worry if it got wet because of its waterproof rubber covering. I also like that you can plug a SD card into it and listen to MP3's that you have on your smartphone or got off your computer. The sound is the best part of this speaker, it produces a nice rich HD sound and is not tinny like other portable speakers. It comes with a charging cable and it can be hung or be carried with the adjustable lanyard that's attached to it. Pairing via Bluetooth is very easy to do to your smartphone, computer, etc. All in all I am very pleased with this Insmy Bluetooth shower speaker and the sound it produces." —John S.

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99+ (available in six colors).

    15. A journal with 300 writing prompts ranging from things like "Write about a moment when you felt proud of yourself" to "Describe your ultimate sandwich" — ideal for self-reflection *and* for settling on a BLT for lunch.


    Promising review: "It arrived on time Saturday afternoon. It hasn't been a whole week but I've been writing in it since then. It's a great way to help you put your thoughts on paper and even learn about yourself if you didn't already know. The prompt concept is excellent." —Cierra

    Get it from Amazon for $11.95.

    16. A compact mini donut maker to add some bite-sized joy to your life — truly, can you think of anything in this universe more delicious than a warm homemade donut?? I'll wait. (While I decorate all these donuts, that is.)


    The donuts cook within minutes, have an auto shut-off to stop them from overheating, and come with a recipe book that even includes gluten-free and Paleo-friendly options. Bonus? You don't even need to figure out how to make donuts — this machine will take store bought brownie, muffin, and cake mix just fine.

    Promising review: "Absolutely awesome. It took me about five minutes to make the dough for these amazing donuts and it took only one and a half minutes to have them hot and ready. Love it when Dash comes out with new products so my family and I can continue to make wonderful memories especially during this quarantine." —TJ Davis

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    17. A hand-operated mini drone for that "just got my Hogwarts robes" feeling — this mini drone levitates in the air after you gently toss it, and you can use your palm to control its direction. If you place your palm directly under it and move your hand up, it'll rise like you're a legit magician.

    A kid with the blue mini drone hovering above their hands

    Promising review: "This is an awesome toy for every member of the family. We all love it and spending time playing together in this pandemic time. We take it to our backyard and have so much fun time with the kids." —Betsy Young

    Get it from Canopus for $23.99.

    18. A subscription to Book of the Month, a service that will deliver a specially curated book to your door so you'll never have to experience the peril of knowing in your bones that it's time to take a three hour-long Saturday night bath but not having the right reading material for it.

    An assortment of five books in different genres

    Here's how it works: Each month, the service specially curates four books in different genres that they know readers will love. You get to pick which one you want sent to you based on those selections. Fall in love with more than one synopsis? You can do an add-on book for that month! Plus, it you don't like any the books in the selection pool, you can pause for a month and grab a book the next one instead. Books on books on BOOKS, y'all.

    Get a three-month subscription from Book of the Month for $49.

    19. An easy-to-follow bubble tea kit for anyone whose summer vibe is "boba in the sunshine."

    The kit in cartoon boba tea packaging
    Flavor Purveyor/Etsy

    Flavor Purveyor is a Georgia-based Etsy shop established in 2020 that specializes in boba, bubble tea kits, and fun flavors of loose leaf tea. Each kit comes with loose leaf tea bags, tapioca pearls, two stainless-steel boba straws, and instructions.

    Promising review: "Arrived super, super quick!! Bought it for a friend's birthday and she loved it, she made one right away and it was so fun to make and yummy!" —Brittany Bittor

    Get it from Flavor Purveyor on Etsy for $30.

    20. A majestic, ginormous unicorn sprinkler you can put in the backyard for water games that will make your house the most magical one on the whole block 🦄.

    reviewer image of the inflatable unicorn sprinkler with water shooting out of its horn in a backyard

    I actually found out about this because I saw a neighbor with it in their front yard, and y'all, pictures do not do it justice. It is truly the cutest thing I have ever laid eyes on.

    Promising review: "Bought this for myself and my nieces after a few weeks of quarantine, wine and heat!!! The best present an aunt can buy!!! Works great!" —valerie a vigilanti

    Get it from Amazon for $38.99+ (available in two sizes).

    21. A pack of mini rainbow scratch art notes that will transport you back to your youth so fast that you will suddenly have a craving for Goldfish crackers and apple juice so aggressive it CANNOT BE IGNORED.


    Listen, y'all, I recently scratch rainbowed my way out of a VERY STRESSFUL afternoon with a few of these gems, so if you're looking for a fun way to unwind — or just a cute thing to send to friends — I highly recommend.

    Promising review: "I love this little scratch art pad. Sometimes I just need a break and a little distraction to let my brain breathe so I pull this out and make all sorts of designs. You do get a little of a mess by scratching the black off but I usually have a big mess cause I end up scratching the whole thing off. Can't help it. Kid at heart I guess." —Jane

    Get a pack of 125 notes from Amazon for $7.99.

    22. A felt succulent kit to ease you into the ridiculously adorable glory of hobby felting, and also give you the smug joy of being a plant parent without the burden of actually having to, y'know, keep them alive.

    A model making a felt succulent next to some premade ones

    Each kit comes with chalk pastels, 20 felt shapes, 26 rubber bands, a square paperboard frame, and 13 pieces double-sided adhesive — enough to make 18 felt succulents 🌱.

    Promising review: "This project kit is simple to use and assemble! Great fun for a craft night with friends or family of all ages. You can put as much or as little effort into the succulents as you want and still come out with a cute little craft for your desk or to otherwise decorate your home!" —Em

    Get it from UncommonGoods for $20.

    23. 52 Lists For Calm, a journal for anyone who might be feeling a little overwhelmed right now, and wants an orderly, comforting way to unwind.

    The cover of the book
    Sasquatch Books

    The book is full of prompts like "People I Can Talk To" and "My Comfort Objects," making it both soothing and helpful.

    Get it from Amazon for $10.42 or Bookshop (to support local bookstores) for $15.59.

    24. A starter's weaving kit to make gorgeous pastel tapestries and help il-loom-inate you to what just might be your coziest hobby yet.

    A weaving look with half of a project completed on it in dusty pink, blue, and ivory
    Wool Couture Company

    Wool Couture Company is a UK-based Etsy shop established in 2014 that specializes in knitting, crochet, weaving, and macrame craft kits

    You can get one of three kinds of kits: a Basic Kit, which comes with a loom and instructions; a Starter Kit, which comes with a loom, two weaving needles, instructions, a mounting bar for hanging, and a cotton ball of warp to hold your work; and a Quintessential Kit, which comes with everything in the Starter Kit, plus the merino wool for weaving.

    Promising review: "It’s simple to use, the wool I received in the set is of a high quality and the service was smooth and communicative. Can not recommend this highly enough from a first-time weaver." —DivineDerbyshire

    Get it from Wool Couture Company on Etsy for $40.90+.

    25. A game of BuzzFeed LISTicles, where you can be the author of your *own* listicles just like the one you're reading right now!! (Meta as heck, I know.)

    The game box with its contents laid out

    This is a 20-30 minute-ish game appropriate for ages 14 and up and 2-8 players. It's basically Scattergories, but make it weird. The game comes with 250 category cards like "Most Regrettable Fashion Trends" and "Movies That Will Never Not Be Funny" (ahem, Spider-Man 3). Using the timer provided, you race to think up seven unique things that fit under that lists, and then roll the die to award the group's most Trashy, WTF, Ew, Hot, Basic or OMG answer. You can even use the ~bonus letter~ cards to get more points if one of your unique things starts with whatever letter you draw. Whoever gets the most points from their awards wins, and probably has to watch Tobey Maguire do an angsty goth hair flip in Spider-Man 3 again as a victory lap.

    Promising review: "You could play this game for weeks and not get through all the content. Super fun play. Learn in two minutes. Our friend group has been coming back to this each weekend!" —Jamie

    Get it from Target for $19.99.

    26. An adorably encouraging daily planner you can fill out throughout the course of each day to keep yourself on track for all your calls, goals, and even your water intake — a perfect idea for anyone who likes scheduling as a hobby, but doesn't want to go *too* hard.

    A blank page of the planner

    Each planner comes with 50 tear-off sheets the size of a standard piece of paper.

    Promising review: "Super cute and helpful. Exactly what I needed to help me stay on track with working at home during this quarantine." —Arline

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99.

    27. A rock painting kit for both kids and adults — this is not only great for getting your eyeballs off of your screens for a little while, but a fun opportunity to leave happy little rocks around your neighborhood with sweet messages for anyone passing by ❤️.


    So a bunch of kids in my neighborhood have been doing this since quarantine started and leaving these rocks on the path in the woods behind the houses, and it makes my human day every time I see them. They keep swapping them out every few weeks and inviting other people to leave their own, and it's become this very sweet, socially-distanced pick-me-up for everyone in the area.

    Each kit comes with 10 rocks, eight colors of waterproof paint, a paint brush, rock transfer designs, and tracking stickers.

    Promising review: "This is the cutest thing to come out of quarantine. I made the most adorable lady bug, and now I have a weird emotional attachment to her. I might be in love with a rock that I painted. Her name is Daisy, I tell her about my day when anything happens. Like when someone walks past my house on their daily walk or when they gave me the wrong drink at Dunkin Donuts but I didn't say anything because essential workers are trying their best and I would never want to blame or upset them. She is a great listener. Luv u Daisy <3" —Cindy Mackey

    Get it from Amazon for $12.95 (available in three versions).

    28. A game of Throw Throw Burritos, a combination card and dodgeball game that will help both kids and adults burn out some pent up energy — and maybe crave those microwaveable burritos in the freezer like whoa.

    The game box, which shows two plush burritos inside

    The objective of the game is to collect matching sets of cards faster than everyone else, which earns you points — but if you happen to be armed with one of the foam burritos and aim it at someone before they can dodge, you can knock their points out (and distract them from finding other matches). The game includes a few other niche rules to keep everyone on their toes, and is good for ages 7 and up and for two to six players.

    Promising review: "So... I can’t even begin to describe this game 😂. I’m 32, my husband 38, and our children are 14 and 11. We ALL love this! We had to stock up on games for the quarantine and this has been our favorite. Make sure to take your glasses off before playing if you wear them 😂 You’ll have bruises. You’ll break things. You’ll yell. It will be the most fun you’ve had in a long time. If you drink and aren’t playing with children, I imagine it would be even more fun! This isn’t hard to play and there aren’t many rules and I love how it doesn’t really matter if you cheat because no one cares as long as you get to throw a burrito. If you have dogs, watch your burritos because they look like fun dog toys and will disappear with a quickness. Just buy this, you’ll have the most innocent fun you’ve had in years!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    29. A game of The Office-themed Clue, which will send you hunting through the break room, the conference room, and Michael's office to figure out who killed Toby and how (my money's on "with a ream of paper," personally).


    They'll need three to six players for this game, in which y'all have to use clues to figure out which of six iconic Office characters killed Toby, which room in the office they did it, and the weapon they used, all while dealing with curveballs from your meddling boss.

    Promising review: "Best game ever! I loved this game! Anyone that truly loves the office will love this it ... the weapons are hilarious." —Shannon Brown

    Get it from BoxLunch for $48.90.

    30. A mini trampoline for indoor *and* outdoor use so you can start unleashing your inner bouncy house-loving kid by blasting early 2000s hits and blowing off steam during the day.

    Reviewer image of the small trampoline with blue cover at the edges

    Promising review: "This is such a lifesaver during these quarantine days. We live in an apartment and I tried to find out ways that could keep my 3-year-old active while we can not go out. He is having a great time jumping. The trampoline is very well-made and easy to assemble. Both my hubby and I also jump on it from time to time. It somehow helps to release the stress. I would recommend this size over the 40 inches one for people who live in apartments. (Of course If space is not a constraint, then I’ll surely go for a bigger size.) With this 38 inches one I can jump with my 3-year-old together without a problem." —Kate W

    Get it from Amazon for $69.99 (available in two colors).

    31. A portable ping-pong set that will magically turn any boring old table into a hours of Olympic-level face-offs between friends and family members.

    Models playing ping pong on a table with the net installed on it

    Each set comes with two paddles, two balls, and a net that can attach to the sides of most tables.

    Promising review: "Best buy during quarantine. This has provided so much fun and stress relief for our family during this time. Seems study and well-made." —Myss76

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    32. A set of Cards Against Humanity, the deeply inappropriate party game that will make you laugh so hard your abdominal muscles might legitimately ache the next morning (or maybe I'm just really outta shape).

    A reviewer image of the game with the cards stacked in the box

    Quick rundown if you haven't played before: this game is extremely PG-13, and involves a stack of prompt cards (black cards) and noun cards (white cards). The prompt cards all have a fill-in-the-blank scenario (like "Dude, do not go into that bathroom, there's ____ in there") and the noun cards have things to fill those blanks ("a gnawing sense of dread" or "tasteful sideboob"). Everyone gets five white cards to choose from and every round a judge (you take turns judging) picks a black card. Everyone (anonymously) puts down a white card to fill that prompt, and then the judge decides which is the funniest/worst/appeals to them most, and whoever wins gets to keep the black prompt card. Whoever gets the most blank prompt cards at the ends wins (and is probably a terrible person, as is the nature of the game!!).

    Promising review: "Great game! We have been playing this with our adult children for a couple years now and it never gets boring. Always leaves us in stitches. We have played many different games and this is one our favorites that we always go back to. Since we each have our own set, we even played through FaceTime while quarantined. Highly recommend!" —Angela M.

    Get it from Amazon for $25.

    Psst — if you already have the game, CAH has a ton of expansion packs you can buy on Amazon for $5+, and a kid-friendly version called Kids Against Humanity to boot!

    33. A beginner's guide to calligraphy that is far more thorough and specific about technique and ink types than other versions, and will have you writing inspirational messages to your friends and drafting fancy invitations to your dog's Zoom birthday party in NO time.

    the book open to a page where you can learn different styles to write the same word

    Promising review: "I’ve tried several instructional books on hand lettering. This book is the best by far. I won’t say the names of the other books but suffice it to say they are all at the top of the list when you search for hand lettering. It is the only book that gives practice for the base strokes and also discusses posture and how to hold the pen and at what angle to the paper. It is also a lovely book to work with; nice art work/illustrations. I recommend this book to other beginners out there!" —Karen Rorick

    Get it from Amazon for $20.97.

    Your eyeballs once you finally release them from a screen for one of these fun activities:

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