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    33 Things To Help Keep You Motivated When You’re Working From Home

    Get ready to have a lot of coworkers ask "Where did you get that adorable planner??" over Zoom.

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    1. A pack of NeuroGum made with a blend of caffeine and nootropics, designed to give you energy five times faster than regular coffee — without jitters or sluggishness afterward. That 3 p.m. slump when you suddenly have the attention span of a goldfish just met its match.

    2. A memory foam seat cushion for your tushy so effective at relieving pressure from your tailbone that you'll actually *want* to sit in your office chair.

    A reviewer's swivel office chair with a memory foam cushion resting on it

    3. An adorably encouraging daily planner you can fill out throughout the course of each day to keep yourself on track for all your calls, goals, and even your water intake — TBH, nothing compares to the serotonin boost of crossing something off a list.

    A blank page of the planner

    4. Or for the ~big picture~ thinkers, a weekly notepad to remind you of what the top priorities for each day are, so you don't feel as overwhelmed (and tempted to procrastinate) while powering through them.

    A notepad with space to write under for each weekday and next week's goals

    5. Plus a set of eye-popping fine point pens designed for planners and journals, so you can — gasp — color code your tasks, putting a fun twist on them that makes it all the more motivating to stay focused 🌈.

    Fine point pens in 18 different colors

    6. A mini fridge that may truly be the MVP of working from home, particularly if you're sharing a space with others and want to limit distracting trips to the kitchen — this has just enough space to stock your favorite snacks and seltzers for little pick-me-ups through the day.

    7. A set of affordable, highly popular (seriously, these have over 80,000 popular reviews) wireless Bluetooth earbuds so you can block out distracting noise during the day. These are also super handy for ~walk and talkers~ — you can easily pace around the room during phone calls to stay energized and focused.

    Reviewer image of two black earbuds next to their charging case

    8. Or a splurge-worthy pair Bose QuietComfort Series II wireless headphones, known for being one of the most effective noise-cancelling *and* comfiest headphones on the market, making them perfect for all day, distraction-free wear.

    A model wearing a pair of gray over the ear wireless headphones

    9. An adjustable, portable standing desk so you can break up the monotony of your day by standing for a bit and getting the blood flowing to your legs. Also a great solution if your desk is a little too low for comfort!

    Reviewer image of a laptop propped on an adjustable metal stand on a desk

    10. A mug warmer that'll keep your coffee piping hot long after you brew it, because nothing shatters your attention span quite like going back to the microwave five times every morning.

    A mug of coffee on top of the black mug warmer pad

    11. A Baby Yoda mousepad, because honestly, our work is only as good as our relationship with our coworkers. And with this lil' guy on your side, you'll never lose 😭.

    mousepad featuring a still of baby yoda sitting on the ground

    12. A 42-page Rocketbook Fusion reusable notebook to keep you on task no matter *what* your organization style happens to be. This notebook includes lined and grid pages in addition to planner, calendar, and brainstorming pages, so it pretty much covers any of your WFH needs.

    A model writing in the planner page of a Rocket notebook

    13. A low-impact under-the-desk elliptical for anyone who gets distracted by aches and pains from sitting in one position all day — this can help keep you loose.

    14. Or a compact, TikTok-famous rolling desk bike pretty much guaranteed to keep even the most restless among us on task. Sorry @ your actual desk.

    A model on a white bike desk with a tray steadying their laptop

    15. A set of Monkey Noodles, a quiet sensory toy that stretches, pulls, twirls, wraps, *and* squeezes, so you can keep your restless self on task during those endless Zoom calls that feel like you just aged six years in an hour.

    Reviewer image of five long noodle-shaped toys in different colors

    16. A waterproof, stain-resistant faux marble granite adhesive you can use on an old desk to magic it into a sleeker, brand new version, so you'll actually look forward to working on it every day.

    Faux white and granite covering a white desk

    17. A digital download of WFH-themed wall art to really establish it as a "working space" and put you in the right mindset when you sit down in the morning.

    A minimalist print that says "work from home" with the definition: "answering emails from the comfort of your bed, completing critical tasks only in a somewhat timely manner, dreading virtual meetings and over snacking"

    18. A whole bunch of delicious snacks with some major "there's free food in the office kitchen!" vibes, in case you, like me, are primarily motivated by the promise of a crunchy snack.

    A box full of assorted snacks

    19. An Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon's most popular Alexa-enabled device, because it comes equipped with a new "Work From Home" routine. You can personally tailor it to have Alexa remind you when to start your day, when to take breaks, when to eat, when to start making dinner, and — most importantly!! — when to log the heck off.

    A white circular Amazon Echo dot on a table

    20. Plus a set of always-handy smart plugs you can sync with your devices like Alexa and Google Home to turn things on and off without getting up to do it yourself — a godsend when you're the kind of person who can't get up to fix the AC without playing with the dog, then also making a snack, then also checking the mail ... (been there, procrastinated that).

    A small white plug next to the app you can use to control it

    21. A set of adjustable desk shelves to organize your professional knickknacks and make your WFH space feel put together, so you won't get anxious and distracted about clutter.

    A set of desk shelves in a light wood that fit several books, plants, and desk accessories

    22. Plus a chic, waterproof desk mat to tie your desk space together and make it feel more like there's a "place" for everything, so you're not moving stuff all over the desk during the day.

    23. A mini inflatable tube guy for your desk to cheer you on (or remind you to take a lil' dance break whenever you overwork yourself).

    A red inflatable figure on a desk

    24. A personalized Atlas Coffee Club subscription to keep you well-stocked on your most essential work from home fuel: coffee. This will send you a surprise gourmet coffee from around the world every month, along with tasting notes, brewing instructions, and a postcard from the country it's from, so you'll have your caffeine needs taken care of *and* a little excitement to look forward to every few weeks.

    A cup of brewed coffee next to a french press

    25. Or a cold brew coffee maker so gloriously easy to use that all you have to do is stick your favorite ground coffee in the filter, seal the airtight lid on top, and pop it in the fridge overnight. Boom, four cups of cold brew to keep you energized through all...the meetings...that should have been emails.

    A pitcher with a coffee filter and a large handle, full of iced coffee in a fridge

    26. A game of Work From Home bingo with a bunch of different cards to get you through the day — like yes, you may be tired, but has someone's child interrupted a Zoom call yet?? You must remain vigilant to win today's round.

    A Work From Home bingo card with items like "had wi fi issues" or "used a zoom background"

    27. A productivity timer you can pretty much use as your designated babysitter — it can be set to any number of minutes within an hour, so you know when your designated "breaks" are, and can try to train yourself to get as much done as you can in those bursts before you let yourself be intentionally distracted.

    A model adjusting the time on a small square-shaped blue clock

    28. Or if you want to go all in, a copy of The Pomodoro Technique, written by the popular productivity system's creator. If you're unfamiliar, it basically shows you how to tackle tasks in 30-minute bursts (25-minute intervals, with 5-minute breaks in between) and how you can use that first step to improve not just your productivity, but overall quality of life.

    The cover of the book

    29. A delightfully bendy desk lamp to make your desk area well-lit and inviting, so you'll actually *want* to set to work each day. Psst — this not only charges right up with a USB cord, but will also serve as a port to charge your phone. Behold this glorious intersection of style and function!

    A white desk lamp with a sloped bending stand

    30. A Friends-themed 2021 desk calendar so you can get that sweet satisfaction of tearing off an old work day and starting a new one "fresh" — plus count down the days with people who will be ~there for youuuu~ even when your regular coworkers are far away.

    31. A selfie ring light for all your Zoom presentations, so for once you'll actually look *forward* to turning on your camera — this will trick your coworkers into thinking you live inside a beautifully-lit Instagram apartment instead of a snack dungeon.

    A lit selfie ring on a tripod pointing at a reviewer's desk set up

    32. A lightweight breakfast tray you can prop next to you on your bed for midday eating and holding devices, because you know what? Some of us get our best and most productive work done laying in bed, and more power to us for it.

    A model using a propped up wooden breakfast tray with food on it on top of a carpet

    33. A Work From Home-themed sticker sheet, because honestly, sometimes all we need as an extra dose of motivation is a cute sticker on our laptop to make us smile.

    Sheet of illustrated stickers with things like a succulent, coffee, and the words "you're on mute"

    Crushing your WFH to-do list in your pajamas like:

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