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    26 Things For Anyone Looking To Start A New Hobby

    100% fun, 0% experience required.

    1. A reflections and intentions journal full of prompts to write what you're grateful for and what's bothering you each day, so you can get into a groove and start journaling as a regular habit.

    2. An minimalist paint-by-number set that comes with everything you need to embark on a new painting hobby, including the paint, brush, canvas, *and* a frame. Plus at the end you'll have a gorgeous piece of art to hang! Van Gogh better watch his back.

    3. A beginner-friendly embroidery kit to set you up on some of the basics, so from now on you can have something soothing to do with your hands while you marathon yet another Netflix series full of murder, murder, and a side of ... well, murder. (At least now your stitching will be tighter than the main suspect's alibis!)

    4. OR a Star Wars crochet kit, which comes with all the basic tools you'll need to make (BABY!!) Yoda* and a storm trooper, plus detailed instructions for all your favorite characters. Once you get the hang of this, you'll have the cutest coworkers in the galaxy.

    5. A book of New York Times crossword puzzles to keep your brain sharp — you can ease into it with the simpler Monday puzzle book, then work your way up to the more challenging Friday puzzle book, until finally reaching the Bowser level challenge: the Sunday puzzle book.

    6. A beginner-friendly cake decorating set you can get to create a spaceship cake OR a unicorn cake, and reuse with the skills you learned to make decorated cakes galore. BRB, buying both sets so I can make a cake of a unicorn *in* space, my ideal state of being.

    7. A set of calligraphy pens in six rich colors that comes with its own instructional booklet for the casual user, and will have you writing inspirational messages to your friends and drafting fancy invitations to your dog's FaceTime birthday party in NO time.

    8. A newbie-friendly tranquility garden you can grow indoors and get your ~zen~ on as you watch it grow. It comes with chamomile, holy basil, lavender, peppermint, wild bergamot, and sage seeds — the perfect combination for relaxation, stress relief, and focus.

    9. A mini stationery set with blank paper and matching transparent envelopes to bring back a hobby we can all get behind: sending our friends and fam sweet messages in the mail.

    10. An engaging but not *too* challenging puzzle full of perfect pups, to ease you into the world of puzzling one colorful doggo at a time.

    11. A Nintendo Switch Lite, so you can finally join in all your friends' multiplayer games and dive down fun virtual rabbit holes like Fortnite, Pokémon, and Legend of Zelda.

    12. Plus a copy of the highly-anticipated Animal Crossing: New Horizons game, a Nintendo Switch revamp of the soothing-as-heck game from the early 2000s. In this version, your character inhabits a deserted island that you get to create however you please, all while meeting new neighbors, decorating your virtual space, and, of course, fishing and catching insects whenever the fancy strikes.

    13. An Instax Mini 11 instant camera, so you can start chronicling little memories with your family and scrapbooking them for safekeeping. (Or just posting them straight to the 'gram with the #StayHome tag, because it is LIT up in there right now.)

    14. A subscription to Book of the Month, a service that will deliver a specially curated book to your door so you can get into reading more regularly without the pressure of finding the ~perfect~ book to start.

    15. A set of cat-themed tarot cards purrrfect for first-timers, complete with a guide on how to pull the cards and how to interpret them. You'll be doing readings for everyone from yourself to your BFF to your actual cat by the end of the week.

    16. A felt succulent kit to ease you into the ridiculously adorable glory of hobby felting, and also give you the smug joy of being a plant parent without the burden of actually having to, y'know, keep them alive.

    17. A DIY hot sauce making kit with guided instructions to help you start tailoring your *chef's kiss* perfect sauce, letting you experiment with spice levels and flavors with guided recipes so later you can go forth and make hot sauces all by your spicy self.

    18. A multipurpose rose silicone mold that will get you started on more new hobbies than your human fingers can count — these are perfect for making DIY soaps and bath bombs, homemade chocolate, baked goods, and all kinds of cute gifts you can send your friends.

    19. A starter set for yoga that comes with all the basics, including a yoga mat, a yoga block, and a stretching strap, so you can tune into free yoga classes you gain access to with the set. Achieving mindfulness and flow indoors? Bring it om.

    20. A Bob Ross coloring book for adults simpler than some of the more intimidatingly intricate ones, so you can ease your way into the ~coloring world~ with a version that comes complete with soothing Bob Ross quotes about happy little trees and friendly squirrels 😍.

    21. Or a copy of 642 Tiny Things To Draw, if you want to go rogue on coloring between the lines and color your OWN lines.

    22. An at-home alcohol infusion kit that comes with everything you need to become a cocktail wizard from the comfort of your own couch — I'm talking spicy pineapple tequila, blueberry lavender gin, spiced orange whiskey, the whole shebang. Your bar cart is salivating.

    23. A DIY glowing slime kit so you can Instagram your own version of Slime Time Live and start blessing the feed with oozy woozy goopy gloppy S L I M E.

    24. A sushi-making kit with a guide for beginners that's fully serviceable for more experienced makers, so once you master the California roll so you can shake it up with different sushi sizes and ingredients (mango, anyone?).

    25. A mini trampoline for indoor use so you can start unleashing your inner bouncy house-loving kid by diving into all the trampoline workouts online.

    26. A DIY puffy sticker book complete with material to make your first 60 (!!) puffy stickers, because nothing says "chaotic good" quite like puffy stickering your entire universe, from your laptop to your fridge to your own face.

    You whenever someone tries to interrupt you in the flow of all your glorious new hobbies:

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