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    34 Things To Help Seriously Elevate Your Lockdown Baking

    Baby Yoda cookies > cookies shaped like literally any other thing on Earth.

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    1. A durable, oven-safe rose silicone mold perfect for brownies, tiny cakes, and muffins, because the joy of baking may be in the taste but the second biggest joy of baking is showing off how beautiful it looks on Instagram.

    Sur La Table

    Psst — here's a cream cheese-filled banana bread muffin recipe that will deeply impact your human life + use of silicone molds.

    Get it from Sur La Table for $9.96 (originally $12.50).

    2. A Baby Yoda cookie cutter that takes "he's cute enough to EAT!!" to a whole other level, y'all.

    Cookie Cutters by Nate/Etsy

    *Hamilton voice* "Look at my SON ..."

    Promising review: "Really great cookie cutters!! Nice quality and came super fast. I will definitely buy from this seller again." —hailieschuyten

    Get it from Cookie Cutters by Nate on Etsy for $2.98+ (available in various sizes).

    3. An oven-safe silicone cookie shot mold perfect for any kind of mood, whether it's a snuggly milk-and-cookies shot kinda mood or the lawless "put some tequila in this cylindrical rice krispy treat THIS INSTANT" kinda mood.

    Bed Bath & Beyond

    For your cookie shot-making pleasure, here's a roundup of the best chocolate chip cookie recipes from Cookie Authorities (TM), all of which pair well with milk and/or alcohol, according to science (aka me).

    Promising review: "Easy to use and a good value. Cold or hot doesn’t matter when using the mold. Besides that; who doesn’t like shots out of a Jolly Rancher shot glass?" —soccercat

    Get it from Bed Bath & Beyond for $7.99.

    4. A mini brownie pan that makes sure every single brownie has that coveted ~edge~ that all true chocolate lovers like to live on.

    Sur La Table

    Here's a roundup of brownie recipes to soothe your soul, including a tiramisu brownie, a gooey salted caramel brownie, and pumpkin cheesecake brownie bars (I am no longer respecting the time-space-seasonally appropriate dessert continuum).

    Promising review: "I just made 24 mini brownies in this 'pan' and they came out perfectly cute, but best of all they popped right out of the pan (none fell apart)! After they're baked, put each brownie in a mini baking paper cup, sprinkle with powdered sugar, and you'll have a really adorable bite-sized dessert/snack." —Geri K.

    Get it from Sur La Table for $15.

    5. A mini waffle maker that will up your dessert game with an entire recipe booklet to inspire new waffle-shaped treats (not that you really need much more inspo beyond "SHOVE A BUNCH OF CHOCOLATE CHIPS IN THE BATTER," but I digress).

    Urban Outfitters

    You can also use this to bake adorable biscuits and cookie dough, or frost and stack several rainbow-sprinkle filled waffles together for a mini waffle cake! Here is a recipe for waffle s'mores, if you wanna get hard-s'more about it.

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this little purchase!! Great quality and it’s even cuter in person. The waffles cook in 1 minute and 30 seconds and this is extremely easy to clean. It’s the perfect mini and makes the perfect size to fill you up quickly and efficiently. It even comes with a recipe book:)" —dyannsophia

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $18 (available in four colors).

    6. An illustrated Disney Princess cookbook full of sweet treats like Ariel's Sea Turtle Cupcakes, so you can bake like ~royalty~ 👑.


    The cookbook includes 50 easy-to-make recipes that span meals, snacks, and desserts, and were all designed with aspiring bakers and cooks ages 7 and up in mind!

    Get it from shopDisney for $15.95, Bookshop for $14.71 (to support local bookstores), or check your local library.

    7. An "I Can't, I Have Cookies To Bake" shirt that is, quite frankly, a Big Social Distancing Mood.

    Murphy Clothing Co/Etsy

    Promising review: "Love my shirt. Arrived in a timely manner and have already gotten a few, 'where did you get that?'" —stinkyzwife

    Get it from Murphy Clothing Co on Etsy for $18.95+ (available in sizes XS-4X and in 12 colors).

    8. A nonstick donut pan that will pop out the kind of warm, melt-in-your mouth donuts you can usually only get if you happen to be at a bakery the *instant* it opens (a dessert power move if there ever were one).

    Sur La Table

    Here's a roundup of devastatingly delicious donut recipes to get you started, including classics like apple cider vinegar, an edgy fried biscuit donut, and the majestic cronut herself.

    Promising review: "Love this pan. It is a great non-stick, it is very sturdy — my donuts turned out great. Also easy to clean." —NASH

    Get it from Sur La Table for $9.96 (originally $12).

    9. A bread maker to help you join the bread-wagon of everyone who's been lighting up the #StayHome tag on Instagram with absurdly beautiful loaves (without the $$$ of getting a fancy bread machine).

    The Grommet

    This specialized pan/mold hugs the bread to ensure an even crust and thorough baking, but the more important PSA you should know is that you can even use this in the microwave, y'all.

    Promising review: "First time I tried it I couldn't believe how nice my bread turned out. This is an awesome product. I enjoy using it." —Marcia

    Get it from The Grommet for $20.

    10. A Harry Potter-embossed rolling pin, because let's be honest, the statistical odds of one of your baking marathons not coinciding with a Harry Potter movie marathon is zero to none.


    Promising review: "It's beautiful, very well made, and makes beautiful cookies and pie crust. My daughter loves it, and one of them I gave has a gift and they're very happy." —Margarida

    Get it from Roll With Our Pins on Etsy for $13.90.

    Psst — they also have a Game Of Thrones, Star Wars, and Avengers version!

    11. A small ramekin for all your teensy, high-heat dessert needs — these are ideal for everything from gooey lava cakes individual crème brûlées, and a perfect way to romance-ify your social distance date nights.

    Sur La Table

    Here's a peanut butter lava cake ramekin recipe that you should consider taking to the face in one of these.

    Promising review: "Multiuse ramekins. Have used for custard, bread pudding, mac and cheese, sauces and condiments, nuts and the list goes on and on. They look lovely and clean up very easily and well!" —Ann K

    Get it from Sur La Table for $5.96 (originally $10; available in four colors).

    12. A set of specially curated dessert and baking salts that will so drastically elevate your tried-and-true recipes that you may just trade your sweet tooth for a salt one.


    This set includes Vanilla Lavender, Lemon Ginger, Espresso, Rose Peppercorn, Orange Ginger, and Hibiscus salt, perfect for sprinkling on top of brownies or muffins, mixing in puddings, infusing in homemade truffles, and folding into cookie dough batter.

    Promising review: "Takes your dessert over the top. I used the vanilla cardamom salt in my rice pudding recipe! WOW! It really added to the flavor. took it to the next level. We all loved it. Can't wait to try the other salts." —Rosie

    Get it from UncommonGoods for $19.

    13. A macaron-making kit to help you master France's cutest and most fickle dessert — anyone who's tried to freehand a delicate macaron shell has done it at their own peril, y'all. This silicone mat and macaron dispensing pen has your back, so you'll get perfectly even, break-resistant shells every time.

    Sur La Table

    This also comes with its own recipe book, but if you're looking for inspo for your fillings, I highly suggest Nutella, thick jams, and cream cheese-based cheesecake fillings. Here are some more tips on making macarons to guide you on your delicious journey!

    Promising review: "I love this kit! Everything is super easy to use and they turn out great. In the past I've used parchment paper, but it always sticks to the bottom of the cookies. They lift right off the silicone mat. I had no issue with the squeeze container. I filled it with half the batter each time and had no issues with running out of air on the inside. When the batter was running low, I just tapped on the side and it fell down into the bottom." —Laura B.

    Get it from Sur La Table for $30.

    14. An embroidered "Cookie Hair" baseball hat to keep your hair out of the way of your dough, and also let everyone in the kitchen know that you're in Baking Mode now.

    Cookie Outfitters/Etsy

    Promising review: "I cannot possibly love this hat more! 😍🤣 The fit is really terrific, for those who have a hard time with ball caps. A+, and definitely plan on buying more of all the fun and hilarious things." —JG421

    Get it from Cookie Outfitters on Etsy for $25 (available in four colors).

    15. A quality loaf pan carefully designed with thick aluminized steel to make sure the bread cooks evenly and thoroughly, so your coveted chocolate sea salt caramel banana bread pops out in one glorious, fluffy piece.

    Sur La Table

    Speaking of bread, human friend, have you ever tried this recipe for ice cream bread that went viral a few years ago? It has literally two ingredients — a pint of ice cream and self-rising flour — and it is absurdly delicious. HIGHLY recommend doing it with Chunky Monkey.

    Promising review: "Excellent loaf pans. We just started baking bread, and we thought it would take a lot of trial and error before we got good results. It didn't, and one of the reasons is these loaf pans; they cook so evenly, and the bread just slides out. Ended up getting some for my sister as well, and she loves them. They feel like they will last a long time." —Gregory W.

    Get it from Sur La Table for $14.96 (originally $22).

    16. A Minnie and Mickey Mouse cupcake caddy to keep all your baked goods snug and fresh and, most importantly of all, cute as heck.

    shopDisney / Via G

    The cupcake stand in the middle is detachable, so you can use it for other baked goods like cake and brownies, too!

    Promising review: "I bought this because my children and I love baking cupcakes together. I thought the design was so darling. There are even little cupcake designs on the actual stand as well which I thought was adorable! You can even remove the cupcake racks and store an 8-inch round cake in it. Highly recommend!" —BethanyNicole92

    Get it from shopDisney for $39.99.

    17. A set of measuring cups so beautiful that you'll have yet *another* reason to Instagram story your entire baking process for some much needed wholesome content (not all heroes wear capes).


    Promising review: "They are the cutest and most adorable measuring cups ever. I gave them as a gift and they loved it." —eyeye

    Get a set of four from Nordstrom for $22.80 (originally $38).

    18. A mess-free cookie scoop with easy release to get you those *chef's kiss* perfectly round cookies you can easily stack for storage (assuming you don't just gobble 'em up straight out of the oven).

    Bed Bath & Beyond

    Promising review: "This cookie scoop is easy to use, high quality construction. I've had the bigger one for 2 or 3 years, and I use it all the time. It's faster and neater than a measuring spoon, the grip is cushioned, it's easy to wash, and it still looks brand new. I just the smaller one and I'm just as happy with it." —Bmgi47

    Get it from Bed Bath & Beyond for $13+ (available in three sizes).

    19. A "Sugar Butter Flour" sticker set as a testament to the holy trinity of baking, and also, of course, to Waitress, the mandatory Broadway soundtrack of quarantine bakers everywhere.


    Sorry in advance that this song is gonna be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

    Get it from Lohtus on Redbubble for $2.70.

    20. A kitty-shaped oven mitt to remind you that even when you're baking in your pajamas for the fifth day in a row, you're the *cat's* pajamas.


    Promising review: "Seriously the cutest oven mitt ever! Great quality! I bought this for my sister-in-law who adores cats... and she's obsessed. Makes cooking a meal more fun when you do it in style!" —KatieT11

    Get it from Anthropologie for $16.

    21. A set of handwoven trivets so elegant and sweet that they'll be every bit as much part of your kitchen decor as they'll come in handy for hot baking pans and cookie sheets.

    It's important that there are two, because as we all well aware, there is a law about having freshly-brewed tea with your baked goods.

    Get a set of two from Anthropologie for $25.

    22. A lovely peach-print apron that will make you feel like you fell out of one of those rom-coms starring a Strikingly Beautiful But Very Stressed Out Protagonist Who Owns A Bakery.


    *Sighs dramatically and gazes out the window* Too bad there's just no time in my life for an equally attractive plaid flannel-clad love interest to come eat all these baked goods I've made!!

    Get it from Anthropologie for $34.

    23. A set of granola molds complete with a recipe booklet, so you can emerge from lockdown to become your truest self: a chocolate chip granola bar influencer.

    The Grommet

    Chewy bars are SHAKING. Since ya know I'd never leave you hanging, here are some recipes for granola bars, including a cherry almond and peanut butter crunch version. Also, while I have your attention?? These molds are the perfect size for making your own filled chocolate bars, JUST SAYING.

    Get a set of three from The Grommet for $14.95.

    24. An elegant, scalloped pie dish that will make your homemade pies look even more stunning without stealing too much attention from the main show (your impeccable crust, duh).

    Sur La Table

    Promising review: "I love the color I bought the grey. It cooked the pumpkin pie crust perfectly and it was nice to have a pretty dish sitting out on the table instead of a boring metal pan." —Laura U.

    Get it from Sur La Table for $39.96 (originally $44.95; available in five colors).

    25. A cake-patterned phone case so you can stay on brand while watching livestreams of recipes online, and also to remind yourself that you probably have something in the oven anytime you get a text.


    Some baking-related Instagrams to keep your eyeballs on: Milk Bar's Christina Tosi is doing livestreams of recipes every day at 2pm EST; Magnolia Bakery low key dropped its iconic banana pudding recipe on its Instagram story last week, and will likely drop others; Red Gate Bakery, a newer NYC-based favorite of mine, is giving its s'mores cake recipe to people who DM and ask ❤️.

    Get it from Perrin Le Feuvre on Redbubble for $21 (available in iPhone models 4 and up).

    26. A "Baking Is My Cardio" mug that is, incidentally, the perfect size for making cakes in a mug.

    Linume Mugs/Etsy

    As someone who has been making a mug cake preeeeeetty much every night since lockdown began, I am pleased to inform you that this roundup of mug cake recipes — including a Nutella-Stuffed Red Velvet mug cake and a Caramel Apple Cinnamon Roll mug cake — should help serve all your baking needs.

    Get it from Linume Mugs on Etsy for $14.95+ (available in two sizes).

    27. A pair of cozy baking-inspired socks for you to admire after you kick your feet up and finally *eat* your baking creation du jour.


    Get them from ModCloth for $9.99 (originally $12).

    28. A set of two long-lasting, beautifully designed baking dishes perfect for any cake, blondie, or brownie fans who are just as much into the presentation of their desserts as eating them.

    Sur La Table

    Also, you can safely use these in the oven, microwave, freezer, *and* dishwasher. If you need some inspo for what to make in them, here's a recipe for a hybrid brownie, cookie dough, and Oreo monstrosity that is also the main deity in my baking-based religion.

    Promising review: "Great multipurpose bakers. Nice and dependable great from oven to table. Great for roasted vegetables, excited for some casseroles and brownies!" —Michael M.

    Get a set of two from Sur La Table for $23.96 (originally $40; available in four colors).

    29. A set of rolling pie decorating tools to give your cookies and pie crusts a personalized, homey touch.

    The Grommet

    Because yes, pie tastes good, but fancy leave-embossed crust pie will always taste better.

    Get it from The Grommet for $8.

    30. A baking-inspired dish cloth that not only represents the true spirit of baking, but also comes in a color dark enough to obscure all the melted chocolate stains from when you get a little reckless with your cookie consumption.


    Get it from ModCloth for $13.

    31. A beginner-friendly 14-piece cake-decorating set complete with a piping bag and stainless steel tips, so you can go from zero to Great British Bake-Off in no time flat.

    Sur La Table

    Promising review: "This was the first piping bag I bought before I started practicing cake decorating. I have to say that this is a wonderful set and it has just a great variety of different tips for you to choose from. The quality of the bag is really sturdy so it can really hold whatever you have in there whether it be just cream cheese frosting or your homemade custard. It definitely enticed me to try cake decorating more. Definitely recommend this!" —bakingaddict

    Get it from Sur La Table for $20.

    32. A personalized baking journal so you can chronicle all of your quarantine-themed baking experiments as a pseudo recipe book/diary for your future self to peruse.

    Made By Ellis/Etsy

    If you really, truly want to lean into the chaos, here's a cursed BuzzFeed recipe for "4-Layer Pie" you can put in as your first entry (don't say you weren't warned).

    Get it from Made By Ellis on Etsy for $15.48+.

    33. A tie-dye Baked By Melissa shirt, aka your new Baking Shirt, which comes with a 25-pack of their iconic cupcakes for baking inspo.

    Baked By Melissa

    This shirt is inspired by Baked by Melissa's iconic vanilla Tie-Dye cupcake, which is, incidentally, included in the 25-pack — along with Cookies & Cream, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Cookie Dough, Triple Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Chip Pancake, Red Velvet, Mint Cookie, Brownie Batter, Cookie Butter, Cake Batter, and Confetti.

    Get it from Baked by Melissa for $57.

    34. A statement-making cake stand perfect for so many cake-related occasions that you'll be setting it out and admiring it not just for lockdown baking, but for years to come.


    Promising review: "This was a perfect gift for my out-of-town sister, currently homebound due to COVID-19 celebrating a big birthday. She can use now and have for so many celebrations in the future. Great gift for so many occasions!" —SisterSister

    Get it from Anthropologie for $18+ (available in two sizes and two colors).

    All of us testing the capacity of our ovens all through the quarantine:


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